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     Before downloading any of this software you must be aware of some things !
Is the server application , the one which must run on the remote administrated computer !
Is the client application that you use to connect to the server and give commands to the remote administrated computer !
NetControl.Takeover.Server Editor
Is the application that you use to personalize your own servers put a password on them and other things !
NetControl.Nuke Detector
Nuke detector and mirror for Windows 95 computers for 139 port vulnerability !
Can nuke back the host which attacked you !

NetControl.Keyboard Sniffer
Is an application that logs all keystrokes to files , different for each date at the address :
%sysdir%\winlogs\dd.mm.yy.txt .

NetControl.RAS Thief
Writes the dialup accounts and the passwords from cache to a files in the current directory and tries to copy it to the floppy drive !
NetControl.Task Manager
Usefull process manager for Microsoft Windows ! See what`s really running on your computer !

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