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We are proud to publish this website to the world.You can find very useful informations about famous programming language DelpHi(PasCal) in here.

Who are we?
Some Information about us (Sinan Akdas-Habibullah Ustun)

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This will certainly teach you Programming with Pascal.


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First of all Welcome To NeTASARIM.CjB.NeT.We hope that this site will help you in Delphi.As Borland says Delphi is the fastest and the easiest way to program in windows.We think the same too.My DeLPHI adventure have started with HabiBullah Ustun (the other partner of this site).Habibullah is teaching me programming.Our aim is to make using personal computers even easier than now or later.We are working on a very valuable program.This program is an electronic agenda.But there are still lots of bugs.We will publish it on the web when we clear all the bugs.We also make windows programs and Web-Sites for institutional or personal uses.As new programmers we are not much known but after the electronic agenda we wish that we will be known worldwide.You can share your ideas with us in PascaL programming language.Click here to Em@il us.

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