What the Truth Can Give

He would spend his lifetime searching for an answer 
To questions he finds challenging to ask
And he would lay his head down to sleep, 
Knowing his goal is so far from today
It would make him feel tired and discouraged
It made him ponder if he would ever win this fight
But he didn't know, that this is what his hopes would cost

Giving all that he cherished for one short spar
That would carry him further from home
He didn't know where it would bring him
Scared, and reluctant to ask how or why
Deep inside he feared what the truth would bring
He didn't know, that this is what his destiny could bring

He's left so many behind
For his beliefs
Hoping the pain would wash away
He couldn't trust anyone else
He offered no one a chance to help
On a boundary line, 
Falling from a thin foundation
But he didn't know, what the truth could give 
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