The Tunnel

Rushing through this tunnel;
I've got nowhere else to go
There's no light in front of me,
No fire burns below.

Hurtling through this hellhole
Racing round the bends;
Will my journey never stop,
Will this madness never end?

I look in front, behind and around;
I see myself dead, born and dying.
How can I ever lift my spirits up high,
When my life is spent suffering?

I want someone to be with me;
I don't want to die alone.
I want somebody here with me,
Someone to bury my bones.

It's so cold and lonely here
In this sewer of existence.
What fate awaits me at the end
When I've served up my sentence?

Will this twilight never see dawn?
Will my night never change to day?
Who wants to be able to live forever
When living is dying anyway?
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