The Obsession...

          Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows about my obsession with the movie "Dirty Dancing." Since the movie came out in 1987, I have been addicted to it. Yeah... I know what you're thinking... what a lame ass... she's been watching this movie since she was four?! Yep... I have been a loyal Dirty Dancing fan for most of my life. I remember watching the movie over and over as a kid, until my dad found out that it was rated PG-13, and he banned me from watching it. That was when I was 6 or 7. But don't worry... a couple years later, I started watching it again. Since then, I have watched the movie at least 50 or 60 times.

          In my sophomore year of high school, I started watching the movie once or twice every weekend... this is when I truly became obsessed. I started acting the scenes out at school, singing the songs, and reciting quotes from the movie. Soon I had both the freshman and sophomore classes addicted to this classic movie too. They were constantly asking me if they could borrow the movie and cds. Not long after that, I adopted the nickname "Baby" since I was always acting like her. I told everyone that my dream in life was to portray Baby in a new release of the movie.

          Not long after this, I was featured in a video for speech class where I sang and danced as Baby. That was a pretty big hit around my school. : ) I've had a blast seeing all of my peers get so psyched about a movie that I have always loved. There you have it, the story of how I became obsessed with the greatest movie of all time...... Dirty Dancing.

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