The Dream is Over

Whenever I go to sleep, I dream of your beguiling face
Whenever I go to bed, I feel you beside me
Your body and soul connecting with mine.
The tender touches with the tips of your fingers
Running through my pure and innocent body.
The soft breathing into my ears,
Whispering "I love you"
Kissing me into my heart
Making sure I am safe with you.
And then I wake up
The dream is over.
Now there is a living creature in my body
Thinking this is a dream,
The dream isn't over yet!
That's what I keep telling myself
You said... You love me, you'll protect me
You said you'd never hurt me
"Trust me" you said,
When I started gaining weight
Wake up! Wake up!
I said to myself
The dream is over
He left, taking my purity away with him
I should have known
That there is no true meaning of love
Love is harsh!
Love is cruel!
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