Smile Pretend it's better Yes, you bounce when you walk sometimes Yes, you walk around the house and sing But then what? When you're alone in your room You call yourself stupid for acting like a child You call yourself an idiot for trying to sing Everything's better is it? Then why do you have to fight tears at night, Lying in bed, feeling worthless, Dreaming of touching a sharp blade to your skin? It's four 0' clock; why haven't you eaten today? Why are you so anxious to go "work out" tonight? You're strong are you? You're over it, over everything? Why then, are you dizzy from lack of energy? Why then, do you still sleep with your door open, And the TV on? Why do you just want to sleep for a long time? Why are you wishing you were in the hospital? Why are you so scared of your mom being home for dinner? Because you're anorexic. Because you're scared of the possibilities. Because you're depressed. Because you're psychotic. Because you're afraid of losing control. But it's okay. None of that is important. Nobody wants a friend with so many problems. Sure, it's the real you, But nobody likes the real you. So pretend it's better. Smile.


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