In no particular order... here they are!!

Fountains in Portugal
Sr. feeding the birds
Me, feeding the birds
La Puerta del Sol
Me, Sarah and Kari near Alcazar
Women selling tablecloths in front of Alcazar
Everyone on the CHA tour, at the Flamenco Dance
Flamenco Dance
Kristina and "disoriented guy"
Sara at the Madrid Airport
Ben at the Madrid Airport
The CHA bus
Sarah acting like a retard
What the... what is Ben doing?!?!
Sarah being a Muslim
The mean lady, squishing Kari
Kristina, Lauren, Sara and Ben at La Plaza Espana
Can you find the skull with the frog on its head?...
The place where a bull fight is taking place
The beach in Portugal
Sarah getting some sun at the beach
Kari getting some sun at the beach
Sarah and I bury Kari's towel...
Want to buy fan?...
Sarah at our first hotel
Our room isn't messy- that was in quotes, if you couldn't tell...
Beautiful Spain and Portugal
Aw, pretty flowers...
Beautiful Cathedrals...
Sarah, Kari and I converse at a small cafe
My feet in the center of Madrid
One of Kari's many scary faces...
Kari's "underware factory"
Kari's Austin Powers impression
Kari's underware, after they fell off of the clock
An interesting movie poster...

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