I won't wait around

You claim to be my friend
But to you
Itís only a part-time position
Whenever someone "cooler" is around
All of a sudden I donít exist
Yet when all those people are gone
You expect me to be there
For you attention
And I always am

Well maybe itís time that I stop
taking that shit from you
next time you ditch me for the person
that has the boat and the lake
or the hot friends
or the funniest inside joke
I wonít be waiting around

Iím sick of watching you
Whisper constantly to someone else-
Right in front of me-
Iím sick of being ignored
When my existence isnít convenient

So call me when you want
To treat me like the friend
You say I am
Call me if you ever need to talk
Iíll be here to listen
But I wonít wait around
The ballís in your court
The decision is yours
Just let me know
when you figure things out.

Until then donít expect me
To bail you out
When the "cooler" people have left
I wonít wait around


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