i redecorated!

          okay, so i was getting sick of the boring white walls in my room, and being the person that i am, everyone who knows me knows that i need constant change. for awhile, i was known as the girl who had a different hair style every day, and a different hair color every week.. if not two or three times during the week. : ) so what did i do? i redecorated! my creation took me hours and hours.. weeks and weeks.. even months to finish completely, but i absolutely love it! what started with a "wall of eyes" soon turned into a wall "wallpapered" in pictures from art and photo books, a ceiling covered in torn pieces of my own art work, a still-growing collection of "word art" and a large wall designated as my "ani shrine." here are a few of the pictures i snapped with my digital camera right after the work of art was finished.

see the pictures!

*the infamous "wall of eyes".. they're always watching me
* shadowy eyes
* the ani shrine
* "word art".. what nourishes me also destroys me
* more word art..
see what my mirror sees..
* my far right wall.. "wallpapered"
* that same wall and the ceiling above it
* under my window
* a shot of my ceiling..
* a close shot of the lovely angelina jolie

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