What to do in life when there is no one left to turn to
What do when all the walls come crashing in
No supports left, i stand to face the world alone
No more help, no one there to talk to 
Just me
i have lost a sense of who i am, of what i am here for
and losing this means i have lost a reason to go on
Friends mean betrayal
it means there are more people know know more about you
and these people closest to you will be the ones to hurt you
for no one who doesnt know you can hurt you in the worst pain of all
all though people might argue that emotions are the only things that give us happiness
I can not help but remember every day of my damned existence
that I will have to deal with this pain brought by your
oh so perfect emotion
For everything evens out in the end...rememeber this one thing if anything...
everytime that you feel happiness...someone is given the same level of pain
And the nature of man is to make everyone else misreable so that they can be happy
It's easy to hate emotion...when you look from the other side


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