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Hello!  I am N.E.T. Wolf.  A 21 year old author and Visual arts student.  I'm kind of crazy, but not scary crazy.  I have a facination for wolves, werewolves, tigers, were-tigers, and big cats in general.  I can either be found on AOL, Role Playing a 350 year old werewolf or writing about this same werewolf.

Almost no one knows my real name; and those who did probably don't remember it anymore.  For as long as I can remember, I've always been known as Wolf.  I just recently changed it to N.E.T. Wolf because it's even more fitting to my ways then just plain Wolf.

By this summer I should have some of my writing posted on this web page so return and see!  Until then, good luck and keep your noses clean! LoL
You can contact me, N.E.T. Wolf, at [email protected]

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