Welcome to the Transdimensional Portal Exchange...

Please excuse the mess but we are reconstructing the Portal Exchange for your convenience!

As you may have noticed the Portal Exchange is undergoing reconstruction again. I realized that the categories I had tried to develop were far to constricting and that most pages would fit in several of the categories all at once. In an attempt to make navigation easier I have broken then links into there genera category.

You can surf between Rifts RPG; Palladium Fantast RPG; Unlimited RPG; Robotech RPG; Nightbane RPG and the System Failure RPG. Each genera contains links sorted in alphabetical order, Officially recognized pages (still containing links to ALL net books), Awards sites to nominate your own or your favorite site. Clubs contains links to all your favorite places to chat and talk about each genera. The Rings section contains links to all web rings and indices that have joined the Portal Exchange for all appropriate genera's. The Geographic Links section contain specific links to each game series divided into geographically specific reference, this means where each fan-fic supplement is set. The player links are designed to allow everyone to find everyone else. This section should be used as an 'Ask the Expert' and 'Player Links' contact list. Membership in this area is completely voluntary, do not abuse it or it will be removed! Finally the Ratings section, common to all genera's; is designed (when all sites are rated) to allow you to pick and choose your destination on how well and complete the site is.

The last link is a contact/mail to command that will link back to me should you need to ask a question or have a comment. If you wish to be added to the Portal Exchange, you can reach me here and I'll Email you the Application Form.

With thanks, James9653,


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