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Art - The Power of Mao, Multiplied, pictures of hives on face in the Pop Art of China - NYTimes.com Skip to article Try Electronic Edition Log In Register Now Home Page My splash face Times Today's Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All NYTimes.com Art & Design World U.S. N.Y. / Region Business Technology Science Health Sports Opinion Arts Art & Design Books Dance Movies Music Television Theater Style Travel Jobs Real Estate Autos Art The Power of Mao, Multiplied Long Bow Group Archive A postcard depicting hair cut round face the Beijing mausoleum of Mao Zedong, a tourist laser face attraction officially called the Chairman Mao disney face painting books Memorial Hall. More Photos > Sign In to E-Mail or Save This Print Single Page Reprints By HOLLAND COTTER Published: August 3, 2008 BEIJING Skip to next paragraph Multimedia Slide Show Mao and Pop Culture “I WENT to see the Great Wall. You know, you read face mask egg about it for years. And actually, it was really great. It was really, really, really great.” That was Andy Warhol after his only visit to China, in 1982. He loved what he saw. He loved, he said, that everyone here dressed alike. He loved that the Great Wall, the world’s biggest Private Property: Do Not Enter sign, was in a Communist country. He loved that Mao Zedong, whose face he had painted because Life magazine called Mao the most famous man in the world, spironolactone for the face was still a superstar even though he had been dead for six years. China was Pop. It still is. It’s still a nation of uniforms, but of oval face and bangs more and more kinds of uniforms. I saw outfits with matching corsages on department store salesgirls, the slate-gray shirts of guards stationed at luxury high-rises and the Chloë sad face Sevigny T-shirts that teenagers wear on Beijing streets. Mao’s image is less conspicuous here than it once was. His status took a dip when the savageries of the Cultural Revolution began to be told. His face doesn’t appear on a new 10-yuan bank note issued for the Olympics, but it’s on all other currency above the small-change level. He remains omnipresent, like some Warholian multiple. Look and you’ll find him. His star power holds. And there’s advertising on john mccain s face top of advertising. Next to the stretch of the

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Great Wall that Warhol visited — actually a modern reconstruction, fake history — there now stands a large billboard emblazoned with the Olympic slogan, “One World One Dream.” It simultaneously promotes an image of the New China and interrupts a view of the old one, a vista of a romantic doll face machine embroidery designs landscape that has been kept, for travel-brochure purposes, development free. Warhol knew all about new-old. He didn’t paint Campbell’s soup cans because they were so cool and ’60s but because they were homely and ’30s, relics of his Depression-era childhood. He would have grasped in a flash that there’s something very old right in the center of the splashy new Beijing: a cemetery, a symbolic one but a cemetery nonetheless. It has three parts: Mao’s mausoleum, where he lies in state; the Forbidden City, where the nation’s imperial past is embalmed; and, between them, Tiananmen Square, where the ghosts of a still-recent political trauma, the 1989 massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators, find no rest. Of course Warhol had himself photographed with the Mao portrait in Tiananmen. Whether he toured Mao’s mausoleum — officially the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall — I don’t know. I knew I wanted to go. The problem was finding a companion. Several expatriate contacts begged off. None clock face for time telling of them, it seemed, had ever made a visit, and they wondered why I would want to. I tried to explain that, with my interests in popular culture, popular religion, power politics and the face sitting wife story mechanics of propaganda, not to mention Pop Art and Chinese history past and present, the mausoleum was a must-see. Doubtful glances. Finally a young art consultant and translator named Megan face resurfacing Connolly, a native New Yorker living in Beijing, agreed to go. Warning me wryly the north face momentum hiking shoe that she had never been to the Statue of Liberty, she booked a car for an early morning pickup. Our driver, Yang Jie, was a find. In her mid-30s, she reminded me of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in “The Avengers.” Driving her own S.U.V., she handled traffic as one imagines Emma might, with bold but diffident grace. Firm of opinion, up on the news, she was an utterly cosmopolitan person, although she spoke indianapolis colts nfl xbox face plate only Chinese and had seldom left Beijing. She drops us off a block from Tiananmen Square, where security, unrelenting since 1989, is tighter since the womens feet in my face recent unrest in Tibet and protests over shoddy school construction after the May earthquake. Police officers, in and out of uniform, patrol the area. Soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army, in crisp olive-green, parade in front of Mao’s tomb as Ms. Connolly and I get in line. Just the day before, I rubbed shoulders with olive-clad soldiers crowding a government-organized exhibition called “Tibet: Past and Present” at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities. The show, enthusiastically covered in the Chinese news media, was presented in two thematic parts. The first, called “The History of Tibet and Feudal Serfdom in Old Tibet,” consisted mostly of old photographic images of what the labels said were peasants ideal haircut for round face maimed and crippled at the hands of Tibetan lords and Buddhist lamas. The face numbness and panic attack second, “New Tibet Changing With Each Passing Day,” was a full-color travelogue account of the country under Chinese rule, an idyll of progress and cheer. 1 2 3 Next Page »
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Is Careful on Race G.M. Loses $15.5 Billion in Quarter Allies Obama Overlooked Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization In Death of Suspect, a Dark End for a Family Man and Community Volunteer Don't Want to Talk? New Service bubble face cmt Sells Missed Calls Man Suspected in Anthrax Attacks Said to Commit Suicide Jobless Rate Climbs to 5.7% as 51,000 Jobs Lost in July As Tensions Rise for Egypt's Christians, Officials Call Clashes Secular Go to Complete List � july 29, 2008 obama china india bush modern love brazil maureen dowd john edwards verizon Go to Complete List � nytimes.com/video Millions to curb smoking Also in Video: David Pogue reviews the Sigma DP1 camera Screen Test: Will Ferrell No-bake blueberry cheesecake bars Advertisements Free Trial - print edition on PC. Exact replica of The Times Advertise on NYTimes.com   Inside NYTimes.com Fashion & hairstyles for a round face Style » Opinion » Art & Design » Opinion » Magazine » In the Region baby face nelson » Weddings and Celebrations Op-Ed: The XY Games The Power of Mao, Multiplied The Fight Among Iraq�s Shiites On Vacation, Close medical term for face to Home Home World U.S. N.Y. / Region Business Technology Science Health Sports Opinion Arts Style Travel Jobs Real Estate Automobiles Back to Top Copyright 2008 The New York Times Company Privacy Policy Search Corrections RSS First Look Help Contact Us Work for Us Site Map Bulls set to face high expectations : Sports : The Buffalo News The Buffalo News : Sports Sunday, August 3, 2008 [close] Make The Buffalo News Your Home Page: Drag this newspaper icon to the Home icon in the toolbar. The Buffalo News Buffalo.com Cars Homes Jobs Apartments Classifieds Search Click for Archives Only View Today's Front Page Buffalo / Erie County | Northern Suburbs | Eastern face down by redjumpsuitapparatus karaoke version Suburbs | Southern Suburbs | Other WNY | Niagara County | Ontario / Niagara | Schools | Columns Bills & NFL | Sabres & NHL | Bisons | Bandits | MLB | NBA | College | High School | Other Sports | Columns Business & Finance | Local Business | Markets | The Link | Columns | Prospectus 2008 International | National | State Buffalo News Editorials | Columns | Adam Zyglis / Tom Toles | From Our Readers | Buffalo News Columnists | Sunday Viewpoints Death Notices | oil of olay face lift Obituaries | In Memoriam | Guest Books Celebrations | Travel | Food | NeXt | Home & Garden | Health | Lifestyle News | Golden Years | Religion | Parade | Columns Dining | Movies & TV | Music | Art & Theater | Entertainment News | Books & Literature | Gusto News & Opinion | Sports | Entertainment & Lifestyles Home City & Region Sports Business World & Nation Opinion Deaths Life Entertainment Blogs Buffalo / Erie County | Northern Suburbs | Eastern Suburbs | Southern Suburbs | Other WNY | Niagara County | Ontario / Niagara | Schools | Columns Bills & NFL | Sabres & NHL | Bisons | Bandits | MLB | NBA

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| College | High School | Other Sports | Columns Business & Finance | Local Business | Markets | The Link | Columns | Prospectus 2008 International | National | State Buffalo News Editorials | Columns | Adam Zyglis / Tom Toles | From Our Readers | Buffalo News Columnists | Sunday Viewpoints Death organic face cream creme concentrate Notices | Obituaries | In Memoriam | Guest Books Celebrations | Travel | Food | NeXt | Home & Garden | Health | Lifestyle News | Golden Years | Religion | Parade | Columns Dining | Movies & TV | Music | Art & Theater | Entertainment News | full face helmet headphones Books & Literature | Gusto News & Opinion | Sports | Entertainment & Lifestyles Home > Sports COLLEGE FOOTBALL Bulls set to face high expectations By Rodney McKissic NEWS SPORTS REPORTER Updated: 08/03/08 8:09 AM POPULAR SAVE EMAIL PRINT + Larger Font - Smaller Font A 5-7 record has generated considerable progress at the University at Buffalo. Season-ticket sales have increased considerably, there moon face was an 86 percent renewal rate, and there’s a waiting list for suites at UB Stadium. The Bulls coach, scba face peice Turner Gill, has become a popular figure in Western New York. But oblivion change face without cheat just as UB has firmly established itself on the Mid- American Conference radar there are still questions to address. The challenge is twofold: Navigate an improved MAC and do it under amplified expectations. “We can’t be happy with what we did last year,” said smiley face movie junior defensive tackle Dane Robinson on Saturday, the first day of training camp. “Last year was great and it was a turnaround for Buffalo but we hold ourselves to a high standard. The expectation level that the campus has for us, the City of Buffalo has for us — we have higher standards for ourselves.” That includes competing for the MAC title, although many contend it isn’t a reasonable objective in a conference that has belonged to Central Michigan the double face satin ribbon last two seasons. The media picked UB to finish third in the league’s East Division, behind Bowling Green and Miami (Ohio), which like UB, returns nearly all of its talent from a year ago. Eighteen starters are back from the UB team that closed the season winning four of its last seven games, including an overtime triumph in the season finale at Kent State. Gill likes the physicality of the 2008 Bulls and says they might be his fastest UB squad with a strong mix of youth and veterans. Spring practice, nevertheless, did not solidify the Bulls’ linebacker situation. The starters penciled in on the preseason two-deep are redshirt freshman John Syty and sophomore the north face angstrom Justin Winters brake flange to hub face on the cpr face shields outside and either senior Jamal Chisam or sophomore Jerry Housey on the inside. Two possible starters, sophomores fever rash face children Fred Branch and Obi Ezemma, will not be available this season. Branch will north face chilkats undergo back surgery while Ezemma is academically ineligible. Another candidate, Houston true freshman Darius Willis who was also going to receive a look at quarterback, failed to qualify but hopes to take the SAT again in the fall with an eye on enrolling at UB in January. “That’s why we signed about six or seven of ’em,” said Gill about his linebackers. “We have enough. We have a good group in there to be selective. We need four or five linebackers in scars on seal s face there to find out who can play so we’ll find the right guys who will be instrumental.” Training camp will be intriguing if true freshmen Imani Chatman, Ray Anthony Long, Terry Peden, Scott Pettigrew, Mark Richardson, Dustin Tait or Dalonte Wallace pose a threat to any of the returners. “Some of the new guys have to step up,” said sophomore strong safety Davonte Shannon. “As veterans, we have to raise our level of intensity and show the freshmen where our level of intensity needs to be.” Training camp will emphasize tackling, refining technique and creating turnovers in hope of peaking for the latter portion of the schedule, which includes road games against Ohio University, Akron and Bowling Green, and a home date with Miami (Ohio). Concerns other than linebacker include cornerback, but it’s one of those “good concerns” coaches like dealing with. The Bulls have four good ones, including returning starters Domonic Cook (St. Joe’s) and Josh Thomas, a pair of sophomores, along with sophomore Sherrod Lott and junior Kendric Hawkins. Senior Mike Thompson replaces Trevor Scott, now with the Oakland Raiders, at defensive end, while senior Chris Lauzze replaces Indianapolis Colts draftee Jamey Richard at center. Coaches and players say depth and quality play at quarterback separates dqualls smiley face the elite, namely Central Michigan and Ball State, from other MAC members. And they know five wins do not put the Bulls in their class yet. “We still have work to do,” said senior quarterback Drew Willy. “We haven’t done anything yet.” But the expectations

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are higher. “We’re looking forward to this season and we’ve been ready to play since spring ball,” said junior wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt, the former St. Joe’s standout. “With the team we have out here now, you can see how badly we want it this year.” [email protected] Buffalo News Sports Video Sports Video Breaking 24 Hour News Police say 68 killed in India temple stampede Tug warned repeatedly before Miss. River collision CDC underestimated new HIV cases by 40 percent Ahmadinejad: Iran aims to reinforce nuclear rights more >> More Sports Stories Armed and ready for another season Sphar misses last cut SU’s Flynn won’t be hit with charge ‘Dewey’ puts up a front more >> Most Popular, Last 24 Hours Most Viewed E-Mailed Saved Bills’ outreaches met with silence The billboard: A daily dose from Bills training camp Bills add Spragan after Bowen injury Rivet gets over shock of trade to Sabres Design not well-suited for everyone Armed and ready for another season Returning for duty with Bills Lynch's decision catches Broncos by surprise Titans release WR Mike Williams Willy bowls over UB coaches Bills add Spragan after Bowen injury Armed and ready for another season Creighton can afford new shirt now Bills’ outreaches met with silence North’s late TD decides Lions Classic air duel Iaconelli has spring in step Willy bowls over UB coaches Lions All-Star Game Rosters Paterson vetoes bill to ban fish sales Edwards bulks up to survive FAQ | RSS | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Buffalo News Services | Subscribe to the News Copyright 1999 - 2008 - The Buffalo face bump home News copyright-protected material. � 2008 The Buffalo News. The information you receive online from The Buffalo News is protected by the copyright laws of the United States. The copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, re-transmitting, or re-purposing of any copyright-protected material. 1
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