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This site honors the Power Charts (or Top 30/Top 20), an original feature of Nintendo Power magazine.
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12/6/06 - I really want to get going on the site, and I may very soon...

- I know it has been over a year since I decided to "revive the website".  I am now a college student, and I had actually almost forgotten about my old website that I had started a few years ago.  I am going to work on this site more now, and I hope to actually "finish" it.  We'll see...  Today I began by enlarging this main page and updating my email address.

- Well, I am finally back.  I have decided to revive the website after over a year.  I hope to finish the charts.  Today, I fixed a few things that were broken and I got rid of the splash page.  Look for more in the coming days.

- Today is the 1st anniversary of this website.  Obviously, there has been a while since the last update.  I have decided to place the site on permanent hiatus.  I thank the few of you who visited this website.  I just don't have the time required to work on the site.  The site will remain here forever, and I may someday work on it again.  God bless you and may you have a good holiday season.  PLAY IT LOUD!!

- Added Power Charts for Volume 104 and Volume 105.

- Changed splash page picture.  Redesigned page for Volume 103, in order to add more issue pages!

- Added picture pages for Volumes 30-44.  The sprucing of the issue pages continues slowly, but surely...

- All pages have now been recolored with the exception of the Issue pages.  I have begun work on those, adding the picture pages as I come to them.  Whenever I actually add any new pages, I will place that here.

- The redesign continues...

- I am continuing to renovate the site, as I change the background on every page.  Also changed the picture on the splash page.  The Mailbag has also been removed.

- Obviously, the site is now called "TOP OF THE CHARTS"!  The main page and splash page have been completely redesigned.

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