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Telling the stories of some of the people who live in the places we travel to.

Location: Trang Province

The first set of stories take place in Trang province in South Thailand.

Rubber Planters Rubber Planters Running a rubber plantation is arduous work. Read this story with "Uncle" Tuan to learn more of the process by which latex is collected and prepared for sale.
Nong Da Nong Da Nong Da has been working in the tourism industry since she was 12. This story is one of a strong young woman looking towards the future.
Charcoal Burners Charcoal Burners Charcoal is still used as a major fuel source throughout Thailand. In the South, old rubber trees are often used to produce charcoal. Meet one charcoal pit manager and his family from Trang.
Kopi Kopi In the South of Thailand, "kopi" means fresh coffee (as opposed to the instant variety). Coffee shops are also at the heart of the urban ethnic Chinese culture of the South. Here is the story of two generations, and two coffee shops.

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