Talarnna Silvershade

Talarnna is a half elf that calls all the land of Norath her home. Never knew her father or who her father even was, she started life with her mother in one of the inns that dot the commonlands surrounding Freeport. Her paternal ancestory was obviously elven in origin, one look at Talarnna will tell you that, which is why she feels so at home in the company of those that reside in the continant of Faydwer theses days. Living in an inn gave her opportunity to mix with many people of many races and diverse religions, and so gave her a taste of life beyond the commonlands. So much so that by the time she had seen out her first seven winters, she kept finding herself exploring as only a child can until she got into too much trouble too often and found herself being put into the care of some people in the city of Freeport.

She grew into early adulthood in the city of Freeport, a place that will always leave its mark on you. To know Freeport, is to know the inside of your own soul - and to discover whether you like what you see there in. Its been called a den of Cazic Thule by the good of heart; a garden of opportunity by thieves; its been been called a cosmopolitan city of great interest by the tour guides and those anxious to make a fast piece of gold or two! An easy place for her to find trade as a rogue, petty thief and pick pocket.

Now many seasons and many shadows have passed, and this scoundrel with no direction, has become a master thief, skilled lock pick, poisoner and well trained fighter. She has friends in councils and in groups of travellers and adventurers from all corners of Norath, but chooses to spend her time in what she is certain are her paternal homelands, with friends there, to protect the land from all that threaten it. This rogue will share her campfire for those in need, and her oath of friendship is a loyal thing to be given, but cross her and you may just not wake up one morning!

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