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Stats: (created June 9th,2002)
Last Updated: May 24th,2006
Name: Vanessa Reynolds

Age: 18

Location: Texas (can't really say where, but if you're'll figure it out ;-) )

Grade: 12th--Freshmanin college in August

Best Friends: I'll let you know after school starts! ;-) But to me, friendship is something that is something that has to be earned over time.

People I miss since I'm no longer in Junior High: Ashley Winkler, Virginia Blaker, Katie Childs, Erica Tovar, Denise Rios,Christina Cruz, Heather Martinez.....anyone else I forgot.......I have a really crappy memory.......

Best Known as: Schoolgirl, Dork, Nessie (I like this one the most)
Best Personal Qualities: Um...probably my intelligence and the fact that I'm a good friend (except when I was depressed but that was not really my fault since I didn't ASK to feel the way I feel...) and that I'm really good at computers (even though I have The Internet For Dummies in my computer desk......)

Things I hate about me: My body, my dork-like tendencies, not doing all the cool things that other teenagers can do, being depressed, having a tendency to overeat........a LOT.

Yes, there's more!

Favorite Foods: Pizza and/or Hot Pockets (Pepperoni and Sausage), Ice Cream (mostly all the kinds, but the candy and cookies types are my faves! Also Dulce de Leche Ice Cream rocks! 8-8-2003: I just bought that Special Edition Finding Nemo Fish and Chips Ice Cream by Dreyers a couple of days ago and I love that one now also!)....anything that's bad for me....Chinese....

Favorite TV Show: I watch so many different shows...... probably Insomniac Music Theatre on VH1 since I can't sleep much lately......

Favorite TV Channels: Disney, Nickelodeon (guess I'm still a kid at heart), MTV, VH1,BET, Comedy Central, that cooking channel.........

Thing you'll see on me forever: Probably my glasses. I've been wearing glasses ever since first grade. I wish I'd saved them all! I just got new ones a while back! I guess they're not new anymore!

Favorite Thing to Do: Answering e-mails. Send me some here.

Favorite Quote as of 7-10-2002:Let them eat cake.- Marie Antoinette
(It's too bad she got executed during the French Revolution.)

5-24-06: "You never existed until you saw the light"- Sheryl Crow, "Light in Your Eyes"

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Thanks for coming. If you keep checking back, you'll find out when I put more on here. Until then...preach!

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