Yes it is that time again. I need to divest myself of my things so that I can pay for my cat! Ah well, all the items listed are well loved and will serve you well. All are useful and used! If you are interested there are larger pictures if you click on the photographs.

A lovely cabinet that has served me well in my craft room. Holds more than it looks like. Needs to be refinished as it was taken down to the wood from its last paint job. It has all new hardware for the handles. It stands 4'3" tall and is 17 inches wide and 12 inches deep. 


Good trunk about 19 x 18 x 33 inches. I do not have a key for this one. There is little damage to it, but there is some wear and tear, but the paper lining still looks good. One of the leather handles is torn but the other is still whole. 

My prize. I love this trunk. It sill has some of the stickers on it from its last trip in 1962. I have a key for the outside lock. It is in good shape with little in the way of outside dings and such. I warn you though, it is akward to drag around. 

16 meters of 37 inch wide, bolt end of treated canvas for tent making.


The drawer that lifts out is about 4 inches deep. With the lid above that . 

The silk cloth covering the hanger side is stained but is isn't as noticable in real life as in the photo. It can easily be replaced if necessary. 

41 x 15 inches of veggie tanned leather that is too thin for shoemaking but great for tooling. 

It holds all my christmas ornaments and I know it can fit a small person. ;) 

There are 8 wooden hangers inside and the hanging rails slide smoothly. The case at the foot hooks in with metal hooks. 

A side picture of how thick it is in my fingers.

So the list of prices goes as follows:

Wood chest of drawers: $50 SOLD
Trunk: $50
Steamer Trunk: $100
Canvas: $50 SOLD
Leather: $40 SOLD

Some dickering is possible if necessary.
If you are interested please email me at: 
nessaofthelox at yahoo dot com

The drawers are in working condition. The top drawer has a lock on it but I have no key and the metal bar that slides in to keep the drawers shut during travel has always been missing. The top drawer has a crack running the length of it, must have been broken into at one point but it still works fine. 
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