Music I find amusing
Here comes the weirdest convo of all times>Dr. Dre, Weezer,  Likin Park, Boa,  Shakira, Korn, Metallica, Beach boys (yup! they rock), Nelly, Blink 182, J.Lo., Twisted sister, Paulina Rubio, System of a Down,  Jimmy eat world, Pink Floyd, Papa Roach, No dout, Red Hot Chillipepers,
Greenday,  Mad Caddies, Rob Zombies, Ozzy Osbourn, Nirvana, Light House, Jaime Camile, Bad Religion, Evanescence, Red hot chili peppers, 2Pac, Slipknot, The doors, Boyz II men, Jay-Z, Incubus, Luis Fonsi, Scince Project (Local. You guys are awsome!),
Carnell (heard um once, real good). and Glory (local), Elvis, Morrissey (omg hehe).  Im into anything that has beat really. Everything from Rap and R&B and hiphop to Punk Rock to Techno to Trance to Darkwave to JPop. Whateverz.
I hope you guys are into my music, not too many people have the same taste as i do cause i really am the type to love everything, in the later future id like to have downloadble music here but for now you can go to DDN. They have a lot of downloadble ringtones for your mobile phones so go get originality.
My Hawaiian section: wow. Ten Feet, Fiji, Kanalo, Ho'onua, and Natural Vibrations. My exboyfriend darrel made me a huge fan of hawaiian music.
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