The Geek
Flower: Carnations or black roses
Candy: Life savors "Cream savors"
Song: Islands in the Stream by Ten Feet
Color: Green, Red and Black, and
only dark shades
Fruit: Oranges!
Author: Terry Goodkind
Chips: Sun chips
: Hawaiian, Rock, Spanish Rock, R&B, Hiphop,
classic rock

Body Modifications: I have 7 piercings, and soon, a tattoo
Sexual Orientation
: Straight and broken hearted
Love: I had a boyfriend. It hurts to be alone again. My wounds have yet not healed.
Name: Vanessa
Nickname: nessy, nessa, nes, geek
Birthday: Nov 17th
Animal: Kitty cats, hehehe. Though I would
like a ferret and maybe a monkey

: Mex!! Im one proud ass mex baby!
Movies: Y tu mama tambien, XXX, Princess
mononoke and X, last two are anime

Anything mexican, minus the sea food
Favorite Actors: John Leguizamo, Diego Luna,
Gael Garcia Bernal
Favorite Comedians: George Lopez, Pablo
Francisco and Gabriel Garcia
Alter Ego: Lady Death and Summoned Tiara
Im kinda crazy, people say so
Im a "do it at least once" person
I am original, i hope
I am a anime expo participant
I was once in love
Im a POWER 106 listener.
Im a scorpio
I talk alot. I can out-talk you hands down.
Im a college sophmore at Cal Poly Pomona
Im a KROQ 106.7 listener
Im a chick
I am Vanessa

And i kick ass, sorta
All Things Me


Ya know if ya dont kneel it looks realllll bad for me
Im a daughter
Im a sister to three
Im an anime fanatic
Im an animal science major
Im a clarinet player
Im a  lover
Im a fighter
Im a poem writer
Im a song writer
Im a photographer
Im a fantasy idealistic
Im a 105.1FM listener
Im a tole painter
Im a scifi and horror reader
Im a Mexican (VIVA MEXICO)
Im a **futbol** fan
Im an animal lover ^_^
Im arachnaphobic
Im a very complex individual
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