PICS of me and my friends
One of my friends.  He is crazy.  He likes to do lots of crazy things.  Like jump off his roof onto his trampoline.  We have did that many times.
One of my better friends.  He is a very sociable person.  He likes to pimp around.  He is one of my sk8in buddies.  We inline sk8 by the way.  No board pushers here.
One of my craziest friends.  He is one hell of a guy to play football against.  He is tall so his arms are really long and he just tackles me all day long.
This is another one of my better friends.  We hack all the time.  He skate boards though is his only problem.  I tried to convert him to inline but he like to board push i guess.
Group Pictures
This is a series of photos of pictures of groups of people.  Usually my friends but sometimes i get people i dont really know in there too.
Pictures of Me
Yeah like anyone wants to see pictures of
Pictures of one of my better friends Abbey...she is cool...she listens to ALL the good music.  And she plays football..powderpuff, but its still
this is a cool friend of mine.  I sk8 with him all the time.  We hang out a bunch too.
Randi Jo
Well this is one of my better female friends.  We used to hang out all the time, but haven't so much anymore.  We still talk though, so it's all good.
This girl is as close to me as one of my sisters. Met her at church camp and we've remained in touch.  Not always as much as I want to but it's getting more and more now.
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