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Sam Hollands (2)
Welcome to the New England School of Photography's (NESOP's) Camp Photo Workshop webpage! Camp Photo is a series of workshops dedicated to high-school students ages 15+. It is a fun and exploratory mix of classes for high-school photographers who want to experiment with their photographic visions. Camp Photo is a great way to explore your talents, learn new skills, build on your portfolio and learn more about career possibilities in the photographic industry. This website was designed during Potpourri--a Camp Photo workshop running from August 13, 2007-August 17, 2007 in which students experienced and worked with a mix of traditional, alternative and digital imaging processes. During the first half of the week, we created Cyanotypes and Polaroid emulsion lifts. The last half was spent in the digital imaging lab where we uploaded, edited and printed our work. Please browse our gallery to view some of our masterpieces!
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