ARTICLE  I:  Name and location

The name of this organization shall be the Eastern Nebraska Horseshoe Pitchers Association, hereinafter known as ENHPA. The geographical location of the ENHPA is that area of Nebraska located within the Central Time Zone.


ARTICLE II:  Affiliation and purpose

The ENHPA is affiliated with the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America, hereinafter known as NHPA.  The purpose of the ENHPA  shall be to promote  horseshoe pitching as a recreational  and a competitive activity.  The ENHPA  shall be a liaison between the NHPA and local clubs by conducting sanctioned tournaments, awarding championships,  and distributing published materials.   The ENHPA shall also promote and foster non-sanctioned tournaments that are in accord with the NHPA Bylaws and in compliance with the statutes of the State of Nebraska.  Moreover, the ENHPA recognizes its sovereign rights, including the right to relinquish our affiliation with the NHPA.


ARTICLE III:  Membership and dues

SECTION 1: Upon receipt of membership dues, the ENHPA Secretary-Treasurer will issue a membership card.  The membership card is good for one calendar year.  The membership card is a combined NHPA and ENHPA card.   Adult fees are $23, of which $12 is forwarded to the NHPA and $11 is retained by the ENHPA. 


SECTION 2:  Juniors may join at a reduced fee.  Boys and girls who will be 18 years old or less, for the entire calendar year in which the tournament is played are eligible to compete as Juniors.  Junior fees are $6, of which $5 goes to the NHPA and $1 is retained by the ENHPA.  If any junior  desires membership, it is recommended his/her ENHPA-NHPA membership fee be paid by the local club or league.


SECTION 3:  A member may be suspended for non-payment of dues and will be eliminated from the mailing lists of the Publicity Director and the Secretary-Treasurer after the second year of delinquent dues.


SECTION 4:  Any member may be suspended for the violation of bylaws; violations of rules and regulations; participation in a tournament under an assumed name or age; fraud; fixing of games; betting; and, other conduct unbecoming a member.  A unanimous vote of the Executive Council for such acts results in suspension, but only a majority vote of the Executive Council is required for reinstatement to the ENHPA.


SECTION 5:  For first time or new subscribers to the NHPA Newsline Magazine, the ENHPA shall pay one-half of the subscription price for one year.


ARTICLE IV:  Officers

SECTION 1:  The officers of the Executive Council shall be the President, lst, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Vice-Presidents, and a Secretary-Treasurer.    All ENHPA officers must subscribe to the official publication of the NHPA, “Horseshoe Pitching Newsline”.


SECTION 2:  The President shall be the chief executive officer of the ENHPA; preside at all meetings of the ENHPA; have power to assign specific duties to other officers; appoint a Publicity Director and Webmaster; appoint any standing or special committee; change the make-up of any committee; and, fill vacancies and discharge members as is deemed necessary for the good of the ENHPA. 


SECTION 3:  The Vice-Presidents shall, in their order, assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.  Moreover, they shall assist the President, when requested, and assume any duties their offices may imply.  The duties of the 1st Vice-President shall be to assist host clubs in training judges and scorekeepers; 2nd Vice-President shall be Junior Promotion; 3rd Vice-President shall be Rules; and, the 4th Vice-President shall be the Promotion of the Hall of Fame and Fleharty Awards.


SECTION 4:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be custodian of the records, correspondence, books, accounts, and other documents belonging to the ENHPA.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep accurate records of monies received and disbursed.  Financial records shall be made available to any ENHPA member, but no person shall be appointed to audit our ENHPA records.


SECTION 5:  All officers shall be elected to two year terms by a majority of the regular members present at the annual ENHPA meeting.  The President, 2nd and 4th Vice-Presidents will be elected in even numbered years and the 1st and 3rd Vice-Presidents and Secretary-Treasurer in the odd number years.  The officers elected need not be present at the annual meeting.


SECTION 6:  The President shall receive as remuneration $100 per year.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive as remuneration, the amount of one dollar for each ENHPA member.  The Publicity Director shall receive as remuneration $25 per Newsletter released, but not more than $100.


ARTICLE V:  Committees and Directors

SECTION l:  The ENHPA President will appoint, retain, or dismiss Directors, members of Standing Committees, and Special Committees as needed.


SECTION 2:  The Standing Committees of the ENHPA may be:  Hall of Fame, Bylaws, and others as needed.


SECTION 3:  The President shall appoint The Director of Publicity, Webmaster, and others as needed.


ARTICLE VI:  ENHPA Tournament and Annual Meeting

SECTION l: The site of the ENHPA Tournament and Annual Meeting shall be determined by vote one year in advance. The time of the ENHPA Tournament and Annual Meeting shall be determined by vote one year in advance.


SECTION 2:  Entry fees for the ENHPA Tournament shall be at least fifteen dollars for adult pitchers and five dollars for Junior members and must be paid to the Secretary-Treasurer before a member may become eligible to pitch.  Any changes in the current fee must have approval of the Executive Council and be voted on by the membership at our ENHPA Annual Meeting.  A player may be denied participation if an opening is not available.


SECTION 3: The ENHPA Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the ENHPA Tournament. The agenda order shall be: l. Pledge of allegiance to the flag; 2. Prayer; 3. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting;  4. Approval, additions, or corrections of the minutes;  5. Reading of the financial report;  6. Reports of officers, directors, and standing committees;  7. Reports of special  committees;  8.  Memorandums of the president;  9. Unfinished business; 10. New business;  11. Other reports;  12. Election of officers;  l3. Adjournment.


SECTION 4:  Roberts Rules of Order shall govern this meeting in situations not covered in our Bylaws.


ARTICLE VII:  Nebraska State Tournament

SECTION 1:  The Nebraska State Tournament shall be jointly run by the ENHPA and the Western Nebraska Horseshoe Pitching Association, hereinafter known as the WNHPA.  The geographical location of the WNHPA is that area of Nebraska located in the Mountain Time Zone.


SECTION 2:  For the State Horseshoe Tournament, Nebraska  shall  be divided into three  areas known as the East, Central, and West.  East is located east of Grand Island (east of Highway 28l); West is located west of North Platte (west of Highway 83); Central is located between East and West.


SECTION 3:  The ENHPA will host the State Tournament when it is located in the East  and Central. The WNHPA, or any ENHPA club on or west of Highway 83, shall be the host when it is located in the West.


SECTION 4:  The State Tournament time and site will be determined by a majority of the members present at the meeting.  The bid for the State Tournament shall be for the second year following the current State Tournament.  The successful bidder must have adequate facilities for a two-day tournament.  The facilities of the host club must meet the approval of the Executive Council (officers of both charters).  The courts of the host club must be certified by the NHPA.  The host club must have a minimum of twenty-four courts, of which eight courts must accommodate competitive classes that throw from thirty feet.  Moreover, the host club must develop a sum of  $200 to be used  for prizes for the participants.  To give all cities a chance to host the State Tournament in their community, no city within their area (West, Central, East) will be allowed to host two consecutive State Tournaments unless no other invitation is extended by cities in their area.


SECTION 5:  To qualify for the State Tournament, pitchers must be members of good standing in the ENHPA or the WNHPA.  Members must have completed a minimum of three sanctioned tournaments in the twelve months prior to the mailing of their entry.  A sanction-league average of 400 shoes or more may count as one of the above.  Waiver of this rule could be allowed by the Executive Council only to first-year pitchers and in cases of hardship.


SECTION 6:  Entry fees for the State Tournament shall be at least fifteen dollars for adult pitchers and five dollars for Junior members and must be paid to the Secretary-Treasurer before a member is eligible to pitch.  Any changes in the current fee must have the approval of the Executive Council from both charters and be voted on by the membership at the State Meeting.  A fee of five dollars is required for late entries and a player may be denied entry if an opening is not available.


SECTION 7:  All State Tournament games shall be conducted by classes.  The classes shall be determined by the Executive Council.  Horseshoe pitchers, including the State Champion from the preceding year, must quality for the Championship class.  Ringer percentages from NATSTATS will be used.  Each contestant is responsible for his/her NATSTATS. 


SECTION 8: The number of shoes thrown, ringers made, and points scored shall be recorded for each contestant.  Winners of each game are determined by the final score.  First place ties will be played off in all classes to determine the winner.  Games won, then ringer percentage will determine other standings.                                                                                                                   


SECTION 9:  The host club for the State Tournament shall be responsible for providing suitable scoreboards or scorekeepers, judges, and other needed personnel and equipment.  Any class, by unanimous consent, may select and pay scorekeepers of their choice if scorekeepers are not provided by the host club.  Non-players shall be eligible to serve as scorekeepers.  A Master Summary Chart shall be kept for all classes to determine the winner and placement of players in the class.


SECTION 10:  All disputes of scoring between players shall be determined by the judges with the final decisions  made by the Executive Council.


SECTION 11:  The State Tournament shall be held on Labor Day Week-end.  Saturday and Sunday are competitive days.  The banquet and business meeting shall be scheduled for Saturday night.  Monday may be used for a rain-day.   In case of rain or other elements during the State Tournament, the Executive Council shall determine a new time or date for the games.


SECTION 12:  The Host Charter Tournament Director, ENHPA and WNHPA Executive Councils, shall run the State Tournament.  The Host Charter Executive Council will run the Annual Meeting.


SECTION 13:  The Nebraska Horseshoe Pitchers  Hall of Fame inductees will be presented at our banquet.  All NHPA card holders are encouraged to nominate members to the Hall of Fame.  Nominee qualifications should be submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee in writing and should include number of years pitched in the State Tournament, number of times and the class of championships won, offices held (local, state, national), and the story on the background of the nominee with a picture.


SECTION 14:  All other items not covered  shall be governed by the NHPA Constitution and Bylaws.



SECTION l:  The ENHPA may adopt, amend, or delete bylaws as it deems necessary with a majority vote at any ENHPA Annual Meeting.  The Executive Council may not change a bylaw.                         


SECTION 2:  The Bylaws shall be monitored continuously by the Bylaws Committee, updated on the ENHPA Web Site, and copies dispersed to each ENHPA member every three years upon request.


SECTION 3;  All proposed changes to these Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to any member of our Bylaws Committee, postmarked by December 31st of the calendar year  preceding our ENHPA Annual Meeting.






Last update of these ENHPA Bylaws was made  July 27, 2003, at our ENHPA Annual Meeting in Lincoln.

Bylaws Committee Members:  Lambert Hopken, Sally Grooms, and Darwin Petersen.

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