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Assyrians are people from Mesopotamia, the place between the two rivers, Tigris, and Euphrates. Now this place is in Iraq. Assyrians are very ancient people and they came to the earth before Christ was born. These people have the culture of Babylonians and somarians. According to the movie Assyrian Legacy, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Somarians are the same people. They do not have different identity (Kannedy). The way the Babylonian lived life is identical to the way we live our life today. These people were very clever in their time. People of now days are still using the knowledge of Babylon. The author of the Assyrians Legacy movie, George Kannedy said that the people of western civilization took most of their knowledge from Assyrians. In addition, he said that without Babylonians, we could not rich to the place that we are now. They developed knowledge of life, which is very important to us. They almost had philosophy of every topic. The Mesopotamia people were great and they had important philosophy.

One of the Babylonians great intelligence is the knowledge of medicine. Their Civilization was considerably on science. They believed that sin was the cause of patient�s illness. Here is an old Babylonian proverb that says, "an infection without a doctor is like hunger without food." This says that depended on doctor to suit their needs just as we depend on food to suit hunger. This describes perfectly what the ancient Babylonian civilizations were like; they depended on doctors and herbal medicine just as we do today. They had two types of medicines. First, the people had magical hands and great in psychologically (Oates p.180). Second, it is the wholly medical based on the prescription (Oates p.180). Their magic medicines were not really medicines but there were some people who pray on patinas and used some materials like water, mud, and others. I am Assyrian, I know some Assyrians of now days who are still using some of their hand-magical. I heard from old Assyrian people that people who treat patinas are people who God likes them and give them special gifts. The second medicines of Assyrians are the medicines made by them. According to the Babylon book, Assyrians used raw materials in their medicines such as milk, snakeskin, and turtle shell. They used plants in their medicines such as cassia, asafetida thyme, and myrtle (Oates p.180). Some other products that Assyrians used in their medicines are the products of the willow, pear, fir, fig, and date (Lloyd p.180). One other important idea of Babylonian doctors was the idea of how they knew what thing is causing person to petition .For example, according to the book, Babylon "If the patient keep crying out, (my skull! My skull), it is the hand of God"(Oates p.181). In addition, "if a man�s body is yellow." His face is yellow, and his eyes are yellow, and the flesh is flabby, it is the yellow disease [Jaundice]"(Oates p.181). Babylonians regencies the disease and treat it. According to the Babylon book, Assyrians knew and treated many disease such as enteritis, intestinal obstructions, colic, diarrhea, some other conditions such as eye, respiratory, ailments, hepatic and gastric conditions (Oates p.183).

Assyrian are the people who developed mathematics. The mathematics that we are still using it in our life. They discovered all the numbers except zero. They knew how to multiply and divide in their time. "Assyrians had tables for multiplying and dividing and for calculating squares and squares root, cubes and cubes roots, reciprocals, exponential function and certain types of cubic equation and so forth"(Oates p.184). Assyrains Mathematics were wonderful and smart at their time. According to the Babylon book, "Among ancients mathematics only the Babylonians developed place value notation"(Oates p.185). Mesopotamian people were very intelligent in algebra and geometry. In a recent editorial Babylon book, "Babylonian mathematics have been largely algebraic in operation"(Oates p. 185). Although they did not have zero in their numbers, but they were good at solving mathematics problems. The fact According to source Babylon book, "Assyrians knew the solution of algebraic or geometric problems, such as practical matters as enlarging coals, military engineering, earth-moving, quantity-surveying and other problems"(Oates p. 185). One of the Babylonians geometry diagrams that I looked to is the Old Babylonian Mathematician. It is geometry design like circles but it is unique. "There are a number of complex geometrical relationships"(Oates p.185). These people were the first who knew how to divide the day. According to the Babylon book, the Babylonians day was divided in 12 �double hours�, each divided into 60 �double minutes�, in turn containing 60 �double second�. Babylonians were excellent at dividing. After they knew how long is the day, hour, minute, and second, they knew how to make a clock. According to the book, the archaeology of Mesopotamia, "The Babylonian were the first to know how to use a water-clock (dibdibbu)"(Lloyd p 186).

The law of Babylonians was the same as the law of now days. That law was great for us for now days. We got many advantages with the laws of Assyrian. According to the movie, The Assyrian Legacy, Assyrian handed for us the law, justices, and government (Kannedy). The Assyrian law developed during hammurapi, the king of Assyrian. According to the book, The Archaeology Mesopotamia, these laws called the code of hammurapi (Lloyd p. 159). Babylonian had great empire because their government was running by the law known as the code of Hammurabi. It was similarly to our government that is running by numerous laws. The Babylonian society was governed and protected by the code of Hammurabi. The main purposes of the code of Hammurabi was, "to make justice visible in the land, to destroy the wicked person and evil doer, so that the strong might not injure the weak"(Liyed p 160). According to the book, the Archeology of Mesopotamia, the most well known term to describe this law is "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". This quote meant that the punishment suited the crime. This law includes many laws. According to George Kanedy, the code of Hammurapi was included the law of family, theft, civil right law such as slavery and death and other laws. For example if a man has accused another man and has brought a charge of murder against him, but has not proved it; his accuser shall be put to death. If people did not fallow the rules of the code of Hammurapi, then they would be in trouble. Assyrian had government same as we have. Their government lead by their king (Leader). If a person did not fallow the code of hammurapi, the king of that time would, charge him/her depends what kind rules that person broke. Assyrian philosophy of laws was not only the code of hammurapi but also they had a law that they called mesharum.

Babylonian philosophy of technology was amazing. They invented many considerable things. According to the movie, the Assyrian Legacy, "With out the Assyrian technology, we could not do this movie because they invented the glass and with that we had lenses of camera" (Kannedy). They developed many other manufactures that is still important in now days. Babylonian had the manufacture of brewing beer, vaulting, building techniques, and pharmaceutical competence of the asu. In addition, they have many other industries such as the art of bleaching, spinning, fulling, dyeing, and weaving. They were very substantial as making stuff by metal, wood, and clay. According to Joan, Babylonian had industries of potter, and metal worker. They weave carpets and clothes. They made furniture with the great textures and design. They knew how to make wheel. According to the movie, the Assyrian Legacy, Babylonians were first people who invented the wheel of car (Kannedy).

Another interesting philosophy of Mesopotamia people was the philosophy of Astronomy. Babylonians were known for their knowledge in Astronomy. They were amazing of that philosophy because they kept detailed records of their observations of the positions and movement of heavenly bodies. They were experts in mathematics so they should be great of astronomy. They did many developing of astrological omens. They knew a lot about the astrological omens. According to the Babylon Book, ENUMA ANU ENLIL, "the long astronomical omen series which seems to have acquired its final form during Kussite time"(Oates p 188). Assyrian had knowledge of movement of the moon and plants. They knew a lot about the planets. According to the Assyrian Legacy movie, Assyrian succeeded in calculates the movement of plants (Kannedy). Assyrian knew that there are more plants. They knew that is seven plants. Assyrian mathematics had many important ideas about astronomy. According to the Babylon book, "The development of mathematical astronomy late in the 1st millennium BC was the invention of the zodiac and the beginning of horoscopic astrology"(Oates p 190). Assyrian are the first people who developed calendar. Their calendar was lunar calendar. It was form the basis of the sixteen-month of thirty days calendar. Now the world has just like the Assyrian calendar. With that great calendar development, Assyrian philosophy of Astronomy and other people Astronomy knew a lot about the Astronomy.

The literature of Babylonian came from two great sources. According to the Babylon book, "the royal libraries of Assure and Nineveh (12th-7th centuries) and the scribal schools of old Babylonian period"(Oates p.166). The most Assyrian-Bablonian tablets were about science, economic, administrative policies, and law. One of the most important tablets was the Code of Hammurabi. According to Joan the author of the Babylon book, it was legal texts. Assyrians had many kind of writing. According to the book, Babylon, "the texts written of Babylonian were such as epics and myths; historical chronicles and royal annals; historical romances in poetic form; hymns and prayers, incantation and rituals"(Oates p 166-167). In addition, they had some texts dealing with magic and divination. They had proverbs and poetic. Their poems were narratives dealing with the problems of human. They had many great epics but the most important epic was the epic of Gilgamesh. According to the Babylon book, "This epic is the longest and to the modern reader undoubtedly the finest work of Babylonian literature"(Oates p 168). This epic had many subjects in it. According to the Babylon book, epic of Gilgamesh had many topics such as man and nature, love and adventure friendship, and combat. This epic had a great story. According to the Babylon book, the epic of Gilgamesh story reference to a Noah, who did survived a great flood. In the Babylonian time, they had music and poems. In a recent editorial in the movie, the Assyrian Legacy, "Assyrian created music and poems which are the seeds of our modern Days songs"(Kannedy).

Babylonians advanced knowledge is the knowledge of Zoology, Botanic, Mineralogy, map mating and economy. They were intelligent of divide many things. According to the Babylon book, Assyrians knew a lot about species. They were aware of variety of species but their categories differed from ours. They also had a list of magical stones to develop their knowledge of mineralogy. Assyrians were very popular of map mating because they have excellent science. Babylonians drew maps of local areas such as field plans, estates plans, grounds plants of temples and houses as well as maps of more distant regions such as larger areas: districts and towns. According to the book, Babylon, Assyrians maps were drawn mostly in straight lines, with little attention to scale, angles, and orientation. Assyriasn intelligence of science was unbelievable. According to the movie, Assyrian legacy, "Most of the science they began to study and explore are the same science that we are going into today." "The Babylonians have built the foundation for us and we used that and are building the rest."(Kennady). The economy of Babylonians were based on farming, carpeting, pottery and clay goods, stone sculpture, and selling songs. Many of the chemicals are chemists used today were used by Babylonians chemists. These chemicals vary from acids, sodas, silicates, limes, metals, and metallic oxides. These chemicals help establish irrigation, which later helped to produce barely and wheat. Babylonians knowledge of pottery and clay helped the Babylonians to built gazed brick walls of the Ishtar gate, tower of Babel and others.

The Babylonians were terrific at building cities and towers. Assyrians buildings were decorated with glass bricks and there were parks, squares, and fountains between the blocks. Both the public buildings and the private house were decorated with many relives and wall paintings, and the furniture, beds and so on were decorated with splendid ivory carvings. On of the most amazing tower that Babylonian built was the tower of Babel. Bablnonain built this tower with brick and it is seven terraces. According to the March of Archeology book, "The tower of bable is 288 feet square, 288 feet high, with seven terraces"(Ceram p .162). This tower is not exacts now, but in picture, it looks magnificent tower. This tower was not only a tower but it was like a city. When I looked at the picture of the Tower of Babel, I sew like street side of the tower. Babylonian had built this tower by using their most powerful philosophies. The way of Babylonian build the tower of Babel was not like other people�s tower. "The Babylonian Ziggurats as these step pyramid were called, were not temps like Egyptian pyramids; they were temples built for the nation"(Ceram p. 162). The Tower of Babel looked amazing. According to the book, the March of Archaeology, they build this tower, so that they would reach the heaven, and they would make name for themselves (Ceram p. 162). God liked Babylonian a lot and that is why god gave them power. When God knew Babylonian wanted to reach him, god destroyed them. According to Genesis Book XI, 4: "Scattered then a broad from thence upon the face of all the earth." They got confused because God made them to speak different language (Ceram p 162).

In conclusion, Babylonian philosophy is very old but it is still important in now days. They had developed many things. The philosophy of Babylonian are with us, and will be with us any were we go, and we used it in our life. For example, schools in America, student read the Assyrian mathematics. According to the movie, the Assyrian Legacy, the Assyrian mouthed of mathematics is easier to teach and understand that why most countries use the Assyrian mathematics (Kannedy). Babylonian people made our life easier because with out their knowledge we would have many problems to discover new stuff. Assyrian long time had philosophy of mathematics, medicines, astronomy, laws, literature, and others. We have been using the philosophy of Assyrian long time ago and that philosophy is great. According to the movie, the Assyrian Legacy, "us we are western civilization we have to remember the Mesopotamia legacy"(Kannedy). Archaeology did not discovery all the philosophy of Babylonian and of that they do not understand. According to the book, the March Of Archaeology, when Archaeology discovery, Assyrian philosophy, other people will got more advantages.
















































































































































































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