Hoy te reflejo con rabia
brillo con ganas distorsionadas
se extirparon del gato las "pitas agrias"

Gotean con ansias
los cristales, el naranjal
descubriendo la latente duda y queja

Hoy desato de la condesa sus yeguas
como siempre se desbocan
hacia el refugio de la indiferencia


ok..so i'm much much much older than i was when this homepage was launched, and coming back to read it all over again after years of absence leaves me with that same lead taste from re-watching mazinger-z a few years back. Dorky and full of spelling horrors as it is, i thought i'd keep it, for old time's sake. besides, i can bet my english hasn't improved that much.

almost out of space in my geocities share, so i don't think i'd be putting much new stuff in'ere. though i'm making stuff elsewhere...mostly here

and hopefully my shadowood gallery will consist of more than re-launched repeated images from the elfwood gall. for now, it's just a hook to see if I get into the froudian page of the month thingy

plus, the poetry page still seems ok

other than that, not much going on these days on the artistic front: life consists mostly of the corporative grind, a frustrated/postponed wedding and tons of brainless internet hours (no rping either *sigh*)...i need a life, or better still, i need 2 or more


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ps: in case you're wondering, still haven't found myself, still haven't reached nirvana either....'vrything's cool

pss: this is just to remind me of why i have to go back to the illustration board

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