Nessa Does Retasu!
This is my cosplay of Retasu Midorikawa (Lettuce) from Tokyo Mew Mew. :) This is a fun cosplay because I can wear my glasses and not feel guilty. I went the extra mile for this costume, everything that is mint-green was dyed to make sure everything was exactly the same color... Also, I am clutzy and shy just like her! In fact, I spilled the entire contents of the tray on myself while I was taking these photos. How's that for authenticity?

Fabric From: JoAnn Fabrics, Wal Mart
Fabric dye used: Dylon
Wigs from: Cosmic Outfitters VERY FRIENDLY and helpful phone service! Highly recommend!
Shoes from: My basement
Various accessories and trim from: Wal-Mart

Retasu Midorikawa

Me as Retasu!

Here are some more pics of this costume. :)

Please don't take any of the pics of me. :)
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