Nessa Does Dejiko, Nyo!
This is my rendition of Dejiko from Digi Charat, nyo. :) I love this costume sooooooo much nyo! :) I worked very hard nyo, and I think maybe it is the best costume I ever have made, nyo! I hope you enjoy it, nyo!

Fabric & Fur from: Joann Fabrics, Fabric On A Roll.
Bells from: Not tellin. ;)
Wig from: The Illusive Skull
Tulle for Crinnoline from: Wal-Mart
Tail Base from: the garage
Base for feet from: Wal-Mart

Dejiko NYO!        ME AS DEJIKO NYO!

Here are some more of this costume, NYO!!

Please don't take any of the pics of me, nyo.. :)
get back nyo!
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