Nagisa is from the little-known series Chou Kuse ni Narsiou (I'll Make a Habit of It) Chou Kuse ni Narisou has everything, jpop, romance, wacky hijinks and martial arts mayhem!
Nagisa is a jpop star who wants to live a normal life. So, she cuts her hair and poses as a boy at a rough and tumble boys' school. Everything is going fine until she falls in love with a classmate! Also, her father runs a dojo, and she is expected to take over and teach when he is no longer able. Her new love's father also runs a dojo, and he must also take over for HIS father.. so, they are rivals!! Oh, and did I mention there are also animals that walk and act like people? It's a great show.

This costume was first worn at Otakon 2002.

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions.

Fabric from: Joann Fabrics
Wig from: Spencer Gifts
Shoes From: K-Mart
Shoes colored with: Nu-Life Shoe Spray
Dance Trunks By: Capezio

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