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Cosplay/Anime Costuming & Masquerade Links Page
Get all the cosplay you can handle right in one place!

These folks make the most beautiful costumes around.

A great cosplayer from my hometown. ^_^~

The great cosplayers from my hometown.~

Cosplay lab is a great cosplay site. My name on Cosplaylab is "Neshiko".

ACP is one of the first big cosplay sites. I'm member #171, I think. name "Neshiko"., for all your cosplay needs & dreams.

A cute Japanese Cosplay Shop/Site

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Vendors of awesome Lolita clothing.

Oh man, I LOVE Dollfies & dolls like them, and Volks dolls in general... ^_^;; Too bad I can't afford one. T_T

He takes cosplay to a whole new level.. linked here because I like him, even if he is a little wacky. ^_^

OMG Otakon is the biggest, most surreal, most amazing con in the country!

OMG Tekkoshocon is the sweetest, nicest, greatest con there is!

OMG Tsubasacon is West Virginia's only anime convention!


Adopt a Beaver!!

Don't worry, it's nothing kinky, it's just my friends. :)

Everyone should have a random surrealism generator.

I like crayons.

I got a Neopet at

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