Cosplayer Biography____________________

Nessa started cosplaying in 1998, when she needed a costume for a Marti Gras party. She decided to go as Sailor Moon. It was just a whim, she had no idea that other people dressed up as anime characters. However, while getting prepared for the costume, she discovered "cosplay", and the rest is history.

Nessa mostly constructs her own costumes, though her mother is *VERY* helpful in the process. Nessa uses patterns, but she alters them extensively. Sometimes, she drafts her own patterns. Nessa sews on a Janome My Excel 4023 brand sewing machine. She uses a Janome My Lock 2040 serger. Nessa's favorite fabric to sew with is cotton/spandex shirting. It's bright, beautiful, and comfy and cool to wear. Also, it is a joy to sew.

Nessa loves frilly costumes and thinks girls should still wear crinnolines under their dresses. Nessa keeps her pins in a metal Pokemon box. Nessa thinks more people should sew, because there aren't enough fabric stores and there is too much lame fabric in the ones that do exist. So, get out your needle, chose your battle, and start sewing!!!

Quick Stat List____________________

Nessa is 24 years old.
Nessa lives in West Virginia and likes it very much.
Nessa's birthday is Jan 11. Nessa's sun sign is Capricorn.
Nessa's moon sign is Libra with Scorpio rising
Nessa's Chinese zodiac sign is Sheep
Nessa's blood type is A+.
Nessa's height is 165.10cm and she weighs 50.35kg.
Nessa's measurements are 76.2-66-85.1cm
Nessa likes cats. (She has two and a half)
Nessa has no siblings.
Nessa's favorite food is ice cream.
Nessa's least favorite food is carrots and/or red meat
Nessa has been cosplaying for almost 8 years.
Nessa's other hobbies include the theatre and history.
Nessa's turn on is brains and glasses.
Nessa's turn off is spitting and apathy.
Nessa has been featured in Newtype magazine.
Nessa speaks Japanese, though rather poorly. (私は日本語をはなします)
Nessa plays piano (well) and violin (poorly).
Nessa's talent is.. uhm.. hmm.. can't think of one!
Nessa's strength is being nice and writing papers.
Nessa's weakness is being shy and depressed.
Nessa's favorite book is The Annotated Alice
Nessa's favorite movie is Yellow Submarine
Nessa's favorite anime are Fushigi Yuugi and Digi Charat.
Nessa's favorite manga are Mars and Video Girl Ai
Nessa's favorite RPGs are Wild Arms and Rhapsody
Nessa's favorite video games are Ms Pac Man and Super Mario 2
Nessa's favorite bands are Aerosmith and Shonen Knife, but she'll listen to basically anything.
Other favorites include Freezepop, The Squirrel Nut Zippers, Lisa Loeb, Every Little Thing, and Tom Petty.
Nessa collects vintage fashion dolls and anything with Hello Kitty on it.
Nessa hates surprises and loves to plan ahead.
Nessa is feeling: The current mood of NessaChan at

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