Hello, I'm Nessa and this is my page. I'm 25 years old, and a graduate student, but above all I'm a ~Cosplayer~! I've been working on redesigning this page in preperation for it's move to Pleasantlyminty.com. Until then, things are gonna be rusty. This cute template was made by **Sugoi Graphics**, and you can visit them by clicking the link above. Also, please close that annoying banner, so you can better enjoy the page. Don't worry, my new page will have no banners or pop-ups once it is moved. If anyone is interested in helping me design a better and more original cosplay site, I would be forever grateful! :) Thankies mucho.

Some Basics____________________

Nessa is 25 years old.
Nessa lives in West Virginia and likes it very much.
Nessa's sun sign is Capricorn.
Nessa's blood type is A+.
Nessa's height is 165.10cm and she weighs 50.35kg.
Nessa likes cats.
Nessa's favorite food is ice cream.
Nessa's least favorite food is carrots and/or red meat
Nessa has been cosplaying for almost 8 years.
Nessa's other hobbies include the theatre and history.
Nessa's turn on is brains and glasses.
Nessa's turn off is spitting and apathy.
Nessa has been featured in Newtype magazine.
Nessa speaks Japanese, though rather poorly. (私は日本語をはなします)
Nessa is feeling: The current mood of NessaChan at www.imood.com
For more stats, see the "about me" page. :)

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The pics of me on this site are MINE, and you may not take them, reuse them, or direct link them, mmkay? Thanks :)

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Stay Tuned.

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