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Professor Nese Erol graduated from the Hacettepe University with a B.A. in Psychology in 1972 and she obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Ankara University, Department of Psychology in 1982. She is currently a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Child Psychiatry at the Ankara University School of Medicine in Ankara, Turkey. As a member of the full-time academic staff, Dr. Erol participates in the graduate education of both the medical and psychology students as well as postgraduate residents doing clinical work.

Dr. Erol has worked for seven months at the Institute of  Child Psychiatry and Department of Psychology with Professor Patricia Howlin, Professor William Yule and Prof Dr. Antony Cox as a research associate between 1986-1987. She has also worked as a visiting professor at the Center for Children, Youth and Families at the University of Vermont with Professor Thomas Achenbach in 1994, 1996 and 2002.
Dr. Erol is the country representative of the ASEBA materials in Turkey.

Dr. Erol's research interests include assessment, epidemiology, anxiety disorders, infant mental health,mental health of orphans ,  maternal and child health and prevention. She has also taken part in the nationally representative epidemiological survey: Mental Health Profile of Turkey. She is the founder of the Association for Infant Mental Health and the Association for Foster Family and Addoption of Turkey.

Currently Dr. Erol is the Major Collaborating Country (Turkey) Research Director of the Fogarty International Center funded ICORHTA research training program in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (MH/DD) between Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School and Turkey (Dr. Kerim Munir, PI). Dr. Erol  has also taken part as principal faculty in the National Mental Health Policy development program for Turkey. She serves as the country research director as well as mentor in the Fogarty International MH/DD Program. As summer international faculty, she has visited Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School and has worked with Prof. Dr. Kerim Munir.

Dr. Erol is in the editorial board of several national journals and  has three national awards for research in child psychopatology. She is a member of  the "Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry" since 1987 and the "World Association for Infant Mental Health"  and "Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families" since 1996. She had worked as an ad hoc adviser of WHO between  1987-1997 and coordinated three projects for WHO in Turkey. She currently continues to work as an adviser to  the various Ministries in Turkey, but principally the Ministry of Health and Social Services and Child Protection Agency of the Prime ministery. She is married.

           NE�E EROL
                                           CURRICULUM VITAE

Current Position: Professsor of Ankara University, School of Medicine, Child Psychiatry Department, Ankara, Turkey.


Primary and Secondary Education: TED Ankara College          1956-1967

Hacettepe University, Department of Psychology      B.A          1968-1972

Ankara University, Department of Psychology           M.S         1973-1975

Ankara University, Department of Psychology           Ph..D       1979-1982

Thesis: The  Validity study of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory for the Turkish Adults.

Grant from the British Council                                                      1986-1987            

Associate Professor Degree                                                           1989

Diploma of Psychodrama Training                                                1989-1993

Professor Degree                                                                            2000

Employment Record 

G�lhane  Military Medical Academy, Military Medical Faculty,
Department of Psychiatry                                                               1972-1979

Ankara University, School of Medicine                     
Child Psychiatry Department                                                          1979-

London University, Maudsley Hospital,                     
Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry                                 1986-1987

The University of Vermont, Center for Children,
Youth and Families, U.S.A.                                                          1994,1996,2002

Temporary Adviser of World Health Organization                      1987-1997

Temporary Adviser of Unicef                                                       2001-

Children's Hospital, Boston, Harvard Medical School                July 2002

Tulane University Infant Mental health                                      2004 (training course)

Childhood Fears and the Cultural Context                                 1990
(Dr. Mualla �zt�rk-founder of Child Psychiatry
in Turkey- Child Mental Health Award.

The Construction of a Developmental Inventory and
Its Environmental Correlates (Dr. Mualla �zt�rk
Child Mental Health Award)                                                       1994

Cross- Cultural Issues (Tubitak award)                                       1995

Project Coordinator:

Provision of Primary Health Care for the Promotion                 1991-1998
of  Children's Early Psychosocial Development 
With the collaboration of Ministry of Health, WHO,
World Bank and Ankara University.

The Construction of a Developmental Inventory and                1991-1993
Its Environmental Correlates. Supported by: Middle
East Awards in Population and Development.

Turkish Mental Health Profile. With the collaboration
of  Ministry of Health, WHO, World Bank, Ankara Un,
Hacettepe University.                                                                 1996-1997

European Network of Hyperkinetic Disorder:
A Multi-National Multi-Center Study.
With the collaboration of WHO, Ankara Un.
and  Prof. Dr.Joe Sergeant.                                                          1994-1998

Selected Publications :

Savas�r I, Erol N (1990). The Turkish MMPI: Translation, Standardization and Validation. Advances in Personality Assessment, vol:8. In J.N. Butcher, C.D. Spielberger (Eds), Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, Hillsdale, New Jersey, 49-62.

Fonseca A.C, Yule W, Erol N (1994). Cross Cultural Issues. Handbook of Phobic and Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents. In T.H. Ollendick, N.J. King, and W. Yule (Eds), New York: Plenum Press, 67-84.

Savasir I, Sezgin N, Erol N (1994). The Construction of a Developmental Inventory and Its Environmental Correlates. The Final Narative Report. Middle East Research Awards in Population and Development.

Erol N, Sahin N (1995). Fears of Children and the Cultural Context: The Turkish Norms. European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 4:85-93.

Erol N, Arslan L, Akcakin M (1995). The Adaptation and Standardization of the Child Behavior Checklist among 6-18 years old Turkish Children. European Network of Hyperkinetic Disorders. (Eunethydis) Fotorotar, Egg. Zurich, Switzerland, 97-113.

Arslan L, Verhulst F.C, Van der Ende, J, Erol N (1997). Understanding Childhood (problem) Behaviors From a Cultural Perspective : Comparison of Problem Behaviors and Competencies in Turkish Immigrant, Turkish and Dutch Children.  Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 32:447-484.

Hartman, CA., Hox, J., Auerbach, J., Erol, N., Fonseca, A.C., Novik, T.S., Mellenbergh, G.J., Oosterlaan, J., Roussos, A.C., Shalev, R.S., Zilber, N., Sergeant, J.A. (1999). Syndrome Dimensions of the Child Behavior Checklist and the Teacher Report Form: A critical empirical evaluation. The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 40: 1095-1116.

Erol N, Simsek Z (2000). Mental Health of Turkish Children: Behavioral and Emotional Problems Reported by Parents, Teachers and Adolescents. International Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Vol 1: Proceedings of the First International Conference. In N.N.Singh, J.P. Leung, and A.N.Singh (Eds), Elsevier Science Ltd, 223-247.

Verhulst FC; Achenbach TM;van der Ende J; Erol N; LambertMC ; Leung PWL; Silva M; Zilber N; Zubrick SR. (2003). Comperison of problems reported by youts from seven contries. American Jornal of Psychiatri, 160,80: 1479-1485.

Janssen MM., Verhulst FC., Arslan L.,  Erol , N., Salter CJ., Crijnen AM (2004) Comparison of self-reported emotional and behavioral problems in Turkish immigrant, Dutch and Turkish adolescents. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology,39: 133-140.

D�menci,L., Erol, N, Achenbach T., �im�ek Z. (2004). The measurement structure of the Turkish translation of the Child Behavior Checklist using confirmatory factor analytic approaches to validation of syndromal constructs. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 32:337-342.

Erol, N., Simsek Z., Oner O., M�nir K (in press).Behavioral and emotional problems among Turkish children at ages 2-3. Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Munir K, Ergene T, Tunaligil V, Erol N. A window of opportunity and promise for
development of a national mental health policy in Turkey following two major
earthquakes. Harvard Review of Psychiatry(in press).
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