This being Friday the 13th (Oct 2000, full moon [although a fog covers any veiw I would have had of it]), I thought maybe I should write down the strange happenings I've had in my life.
In the past, oh, five or six years I suppose, I've heard things.
Very few and far between, and usually when I'm alone, or everyone's asleep, and when it's dark, I hear a voice.
It says one word or sound to me, only one thing at a time.
I've heard my name several times (once this morning, actually), and just a voice, not necisarilly a word, but somthing to make me turn around.
Human.  Yet, I could not explain it in any way.  It wasn't my dog, cats, or family.
I have always thought of myself a little psychic, not extremely, but there's somthing there.
Sometimes when I'm alone in my house I think of what might be with me.
I feel someone with me sometimes...  It's really weird.

Anyway, on to other more un-paranormal happenings...

On my way back from the Rockies, going through Kelona, I was staring blankly through the side window.
A van passed us on the side I was staring out.
My eyes, fixed in one place, locked with that of a guy about my age in the van side window, also staring out the window.
We followed eachothers gaze.
Without meaning too, I gave him a smile.
I blushed, because it took me by suprise that we had locked eyes, and that I had smiled.
The van passed us, and as the moved in front of our van, the guy who I had shared an odd moment with turned to the guy sitting mext to him.
He spoke to him, then that fellow, also my age, turned around backwards to face our van, as did the other middle seater did.
I smiled again.
There van was eventually out of sight, but when we stopped at Macdonalds fora bite, I found myself searching for the one who I smiled at.
It was like for an instant, we saw inside eachother's souls.
It was weird, but a nice warm feeling weird.

Ooh and, at the San Diego Zoo, a similar thing happened with a tiger there named *Hurry up and write me back webmaster, so I can tell the nice people your Sumatran Tiger's name!*....
Well, that's not his name, but....  duhhh.
Anyway, that was probobly a deciding moment in my life....
You wanna know about it?
Not here....
Look at my Tiger Speech.
Do it, do it now!  Stick it too the man!

There are so many wierd things that have happened to me, I'm just going to let the rest go for now.
If I feel I think of one that is as wierd as the afformentioned, I will post it.


ME in the weirdest posible format!


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