This is my tribute to

I love them!  They are my preferred snack, meal, and common
fruit.  I say common because you can get oranges at any time of
the year, where as strawberries and avocados are better at certain
times....  They are a very versatile fruit, and the sweetest thing to
have when you come home from a hard day.  If I fell sick or tiered, and orange makes me feel better.  I've learned to feel if one orange
will be sweeter than another...  I like juice too, but good fresh real cold orange juice.  My preference of brand is Sunkist, and whenever my mom buys a bag of oranges (10 whole pounds of them), they are usually gone within a couple of days.  I probably get more vitamin C than anyone else...  Hehe, to show you just how many oranges I eat, here is an ICQ transcript of me explaining it.

Derek:  I like apples

Me:  I am more of an oranges fan myself....
I've actually consumed more oranges thease past 2 months than the whole of Alberta does in a year.  Think about it.

Derek:  3 000 000 000 000 oranges...that's alot

Me:  Ya.  Man, I am I full.

Derek:  I'll bet!

Me:  You can't even imagine....  Hey, if I move, look out yer window, you might even be able to see me.

Derek:  Eeeewwww

Me:  Just kidding.  Actually, afterI got home, I chugged a thing of apple juice, then ate a tin of apple sause.  Dinner.

Some orange I scanned,

And After I ate it....

As you can see, I am slightly weird (actually, if you ask the ppl at my school, I am VERY wierd)...  But this is one wierd person who loves oranges!!!!

Oranges are an exelent sourse of good stuff!

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