One of my passions...

You will find that the images on this page link to various wildlife sites.
I would not put them here if I didn't think everyone should know what is going on with the planet we live on!
If you take the time to apriciate the wonders of our earth,
you might be one step closer to apriciating life itself.

It basically involves tenting around the Seringeti region for 30 days.
There's some really awesome wildlife around, and I love seeing it.  I know a bit about it too.
Why?  I had whooping cough last summer, and spent the majority of it sitting in front of the TV.
I basically watched Discovery Channel for half my summer.  It's cool, and I still watch it a lot.
You get to see some really awesome sights, and learn a few things too....
i.e., what an okapi is, or a kudu is.

This is an Okapi                           This is a Kudu...

They are both very illusive and rare animals. I had an Okapi lick my arm once. Their tongues are purple and rough.
Say, did you know that there are only 30 tigers left in all of China???
NO?  Click here to go to my speech on Tigers.  Very informative.
 Tigers Are On The Verge Of Extinction Speech (Text Document)
Also, Here is the Tiger Foundation's Web page.

Go here, then click on the TAKE ACTION link.
You can e-mail and phone politicians to let them know you expect them to protect your countries wilderness!

Let's save the world's beautiful wildlife!!!!!!!

This page would not be compleet without some of the wildlife that I know......

This is my cat, Chippy.  I believe humans and thier pets can form very special and unique bonds.
Chippy and I have that bond.  You can find a few poems about her on my writing page.
And then there are my sisters.  But, I don't think I'll put pics of them on here...

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