is a big part of our culture, I'm not saying that that's a good thing or a bad thing, but here is the page I made dedicated to those shows I think are worth knowing about!  The following are shows that I like, and watch, and obsess about...

The Practice

The Practice is a legal dramma that deals with moral issues that most layers face.
Great plot, and exelent characters.  The writing and acting is great too.
A very good show, it makes me think about how I would react in the same situation.
If you've never seen it, it's on Global on Sunday nights at 10:00, right after X-Files.

The Simpsons

How long have they been around?  I think prety much everyone knows about them....
Funny funny stuff.

Aly McBeal

A legal comedy-dramma.  Very realistic.
Some of the stuff Ally expiriances I find I also expiriance....
ie:  seeing thing as though they were actually happening, only to snap out of it
and realize I'm standing there with my tounge sticking out like an idiot.

The X-Files

I was a devoted 'Phile untill they moved to California and their plot,
writing and character structure detiriorated.  I still like it though.
E-mail me if you are also a fan...
Do you think Mulder and Scully should get together before the show ends?

That 70's Show

Perfect timing on the whitty insults.  A show worthy of my dumb laugh.
Hyde is the best!  But Hyde and Eric combnined...
THAT's a forse to be reconed with.


Another cartoon by Simpsons creator Matt Greoning.
Good humor, and again, whitty insults.

The Maxx

A very intruiging cartoon based on a comic. Check it out if it's ever on!

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