My raw thoughts, not to be cooked,
but rather to be taken with a grain of salt

All of this is from me.  Sen dme feedback and maybe tell me if you too are feeling what I am feeling.
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Thnaks...  read on with an open mind.


     I have no idea what exactly I am feeling right now.  I just finished my book, "Battlefield Earth."  I have been living that book for about two months…  Even when I wasn't reading it, the whole thing was going on inside my head.  It's finished now.  It ended quite well.  The ending of a book shapes part of my final judgement of it.  I'm glad it ended the right way.  Some things I have come across don't end the right way.  I want to avoid those kind of things at all costs.  I knew I was taking a chance when I read this book.  It was so long, there was so much character development and such a buildup to the ending…  Such an opportunity to crush my heart.
     I have decided to never write something with an un-right ending.  My soul has already had a few fateful encounters with un-right endings, and it is not something I wish to Inflict upon others.  Final Fantasy 7, even though I knew she would die, broke part of me when Aries was lost.  Even just that 8 second period in the movie Pitch Black when the big heartless bad-guy Riddick lost Fry in that heart-wrenching moment and you saw that he had a sole, that maybe some part of him cared for her, and then she was gone from him…  it numbs me.
     So I get a little deeper into things than maybe I should.  Oh well.  It makes for one hell of a ride during a book.  I feel what they feel, I am consumed by it.  It is entertaining for me, because I cannot yet have such grand adventures of my own, I am confined to this small town until my schooling is done.  Even so, the things I plunge myself into are just flights of fancy.  Save the world, good over evil type things.  But I want them to exist!  I want to have stuff like that happen!  And since I know it can't, I live it through the book.
 Now I will try to finish The Lord of the Rings.  I got bored and stopped halfway through the third book.  I hope it has a good ending.  My mind isa bit slugginsh right now, bombarded with a whole bunch of thoughts.  Sadness at the end of 'my' adventure, happiness at the fate of the people I 'knew', and a little overwhelmed at the vastness of it all…  It was a great book.
    I'm coming Frodo!
    Happy endings all the way!

The odd pile of crap:

The other day, I was going to go to my room to read. Something stopped me. I didn’t, in fact, could not, get into my room. Why, you ask? “Why?” Well. It seems that to punish me for some wrong doing, my cat, Mr. Jinx, had banded together with all the cats in the world, and left me a few presents, not "cat presents" but actual presents. Or what THEY thought were presents. A massive pile obstructed the path to me door, filling my foyer. I decided to examine at close range what the cats had brought me. Lets see. A few old MAD Magazines, an Apple Computer, AOL diskettes, a set of bagpipes, Glen Clark, a wad of hundred dollar bills... wait one minute here. Computing... HOLEY CRAP!!! GLEN CLARK is in MY foyer! Lying sonuva I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!!! REALLY HARD, ya hear??? Amidst the pile of rubble, a fist fight broke out... Damn you Clark! Fast ferries my ASS!!! Only a frigging 5 knots over what the damn ass regular ferries can do, and they STILL manage to wreck our docks. Why the hell did you

And that's where I stopped. Scarey, isn't it?

Scroll down, you will have an explanation of what you see below it.

I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed some more when I saw this.
Is it just me, or is this Brad Pitt wearing a dress? Speaking of that.....

I have many funny pictures, so go here to see them.

Me in the rawest form!

ME in the weirdest posible format!

Anyway...  more to come later I guess.
and proud of it!  I love Canada!!!!!

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