Update: I finished my book. I've read it over and edited it several times... I'm really feeling good about it! I'm sending it to a publisher, and I've already taken necicary copyright precations... I think it will be called "A SAGA OF EMPIRES" and I'm going to be famous. Rich and famous.

I am writing a book.  Yes.  As of yet, I have no title for it, but it goes under the code name "Internal Holocaust" for now, but it will likely be called something like "The Four Corners", "Sea of Purple", "The Conquest of the Red" or something like that, I just haven't found the right title.  I'm just starting to get into the part where the action picks up and snow balls until....  well, the end.  It's still got quite aways to go though, so I should be working on it well into the year.  Prequels and sequels are already planned out in my head, so I should really be working on this world for quite a few years to come.  You can read it when I publish it.  I am interested to know what your favourite books are, so maybe sign my guest book and tell me!  I love writing!  Hope you get to read my books some day!

Heidi, Guild Master of Akithas, Red Empire
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