Books I have read!!!

I have read some prety good books, short stories, and poems.  Here are the ones I chose to put on this page (duh, or else WHY would they be on here???).
So, here they are, in no paticular order (I think my writups should speak for themselves):

James Gurney
An awesome book. I fell in love with the artwork, then I was captivated by the story.  "I wish such a place existed," I thought.  Oh, but it does.  In all of our imaginations there is a land where dinosaurs never died, where we may have pet parasaurolophus' to take us everywhere, and where we may see the massive beasts that lived so long ago.  I used to be a dino fanatic, and I think I still have some of that still in me.  They're the most successful and awesome creatures ever to walk the face of the Earth.  They were inteligent, too.  At least the smaller carnisaurs were intelligent...  I don't know about some of the hadrosaurs...  Like Stegosaurus and it's brain the size of a walnut?  All day, it's like "Eat, eat, eat, find food, eat, eat, eat, run, eat...."  ANYWAY!!!  Book, right.  It's fantacy, but done in a way so you think it COULD be real.  It is real.

The Ringworld Engineers
Larry Niven
Mass= 2x10exp30 grams.  Radius= .95x10exp8miles.  Width= 997,000 miles.  Surface Area= 6x10exp14 spare miles= 3x10exp6 times that of Earth.  What am I talking about?  The massive structure built by _________ known as Ringworld.  Picture a Christmas wrapping ribbon, taped together to form a circle, layed on the floor (so from an ariel view it would look like a circle).  This is the world that is home to millions of speicies, and trillions of lives.  In The Great Ocean, there are LIFE SIZE MAPS of REAL worlds, including Earth.  It's REALLY REALLY big.  And it might be destroyed!  Will they save it?  Click here to go to my extensive English things on The Ringworld Engineers.

Destiny's Road
Larry Niven

Battlefield Earth
L. Ron Hubbard

Jurassic Park
Michael Chichton

Michale Chichton

The Lord of the Rings (havn't finished yet though!)
R. R. R. Tolkien

Myst, the first two
Many people

Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespere


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