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The folks at the New England Music Scrapbook are in the early stages of running out of space for their newsletter back issues. So I'm re-posting selected, feature-length items here, along with a few other items that are of some particular interest to me.

Maybe later I can loop pages back to this table of contents. For the moment, though, it seems best for pages to link to the NEMS table of contents.

Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem's  Gambling Eden cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis

Back Story  by Robert B. Parker  -  book review by Alan Lewis
Barry and the Remains Bennies  -  column by Sheryl Hunter Blood Oranges  -  column by Dave Madeloni
Boston Does the Beatles cd  track list
Bo-Town Does Mo-Town  track list

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer  -  concert review by Alan Lewis
Karan Casey's  Distant Shore cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis
CharmsCharmed, I'm Sure cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis
Coming GrassTransient cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis

Donna the Buffalo  -  column by Sheryl Hunter

High Range's  Beyond the Foothills cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis
Winifred Horan's  Just One Wish cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis

Information  -  concert review by JoEllen
Eileen IversCrossing the Bridge cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis

Jazz Mandolin Project  -  capsule account of 2004/2005 New Year's at Higher Ground
David Johnston  -  reviews by Maria McLaughlin and Alan Lewis

Kranksquad  -  Kranksquad, [munk], Voodoo Screw Machine concert review by JoEllen

Robin Lane's  Robin Lane & the Chartbusters cdPiece of Mind cd  -  record reviews by Alan Lewis
Sabby Lewis  -  an appreciation by Bob Blumenthal

Archer Mayor's  The Surrogate Thief  -  book review by Alan Lewis
Lori McKenna  -  column by Dave Madeloni
Muck and the Mires  -  concert review by Nancy Neon
[munk]  -  Kranksquad, [munk], Voodoo Screw Machine concert review by JoEllen

Nervous Eaters  item by Nancy Neon

Robert B. Parker's  Back Story  -  book review by Alan Lewis Pioneer Valley 2004 Top 10 album picks  by Sheryl Hunter

Ramrods  -  capsule profile and track list for Eva (vinyl) compilation
Reddy Teddy  -  2004 post-reunion-concert profile and more
Flora Reed's  Settle Down cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis
Remains Robin Right's  2004 Year in Review
Rockin' Ramrods  -  capsule profile and track list for Eva (vinyl) compilation
Jimmy Ryan  -  column by Dave Madeloni

Seven Days "Daysie Awards"  2003 Music Winners
Solas  -  record reviews by Alan Lewis Stone Coyotes  -  column by Dave Madeloni

Jess Tardy's  Waiting for You cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis
Louise Taylor  -  column by Dave Madeloni

Valley Advocate Grand Band Slam  2003 Winners
Voodoo Screw Machine  -  Kranksquad, [munk], Voodoo Screw Machine live review by JoEllen

Waltham  -  concert review by JoEllen
Wheat  -  record review by JoEllen
Brooks WilliamsNectar cd  -  record reviewed by Alan Lewis
Wormtown  (affectionate name for Worcester, Massachusetts)

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Cities, towns, other placenames: Boston Massachusetts, Brattleboro Vermont, Cambridge Massachusetts, Pioneer Valley. Instruments: bass player, bassist, drummer, drums, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar player, guitarist, keyboard player, keyboardist, keyboards, organ, organist, percussion, percussionist, pianist, piano player, saxophone, saxophonist, synth, synthesizer, lead vocals, lead vocalist. States: Connecticut, Conn, CT, Maine, ME, Massachusetts, Mass, MA, New Hampshire, N.H., NH, Rhode Island, R.I., RI, Vermont, VT. Styles, genres: bluegrass, country and western, country music, folk singer songwriter, reggae, rhythm and blues, rhythm n blues, rock and roll, rock n roll, roots music, roots rock. RANI ARBO AND DAISY MAYHEM: "Gambling Eden" (CD, Signature Sounds Recordings SIG-1278, 2003). THE COMING GRASS: "Transient" (CD, Velvet Ed Music, 2002). Sara Cox, Nate Schrock. General: album, backing, backup, Boston Globe, cassette, club, compact disc cd, concert, DVD, entertainment, female, festival, girl group, harmony, instrumental, label, lineup, LP, male, musician, N E, NE, NEMS, New England Music Scrapbook newsletter, nightclub, nightlife, northeast, northeastern, pop, program, AM FM radio, record, release, show, single, song writer, tape, venue, video. Bo-Town, BoTown Does Motown, Fast Track Records, Mickey O'Halloran, Seven Days Daysies. Table of Contents: Letter of the Alphabet
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