NESCAR is Busch level Sim League.  Most of our drivers have little or no experience.  We are willing to have some  veterans but prefer not to have drivers who tend to dominate a race.  We would like our league to give all drivers a chance to win.


Rule Description
1 No Flaming, Swearing, Yelling, etc...
2 Drivers who miss a race will get 10
points less than the last driver to race
3 Use sense when passing another
driver.  No blocking unless it is at
the end of a race
4 If you cause a wreck and you know it,
send the other driver an email telling
them that you are sorry, we all make
5 If you believe someone wrecked you intentionally,
send your complaint along with replay to Jeff for
further review.  At that point Jeff will work with
the offending driver on the incident


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