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My name is Nenad Stojanovic. SInce 1998  I  work in Mobile Telecommunications as RF  Planning and Optimization Engineer.  If your job is of similar nature, maybe you would be interested to try my program "Cells.mbx", which enables easy representation of GSM cells in Mapinfo, with many usefull features. (follow "RF Plan&Opt")

I enjoy art in general, especially music,  architecture and painting. Actually, I paint myself, less frequently than I would like to, but, that 's life. If you would like to check my style, click on "

My wife's name is Gordana  (nickname=Goca). We have three boys, Jovan, David and Luka. We live in Belgrade, Serbia, which we prefer than any other city in the world. If you happen  to know me personnaly, I guess you would be curious to see my family photos (click on "

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RF Plan&Opt
This photo was made in Northern Morocco, summer of 2000.
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