If you have come this far this means you have entered my site,   im takeing my time building it because I want it to look good. So look around at what I have so far there will be more by the days. Im going to work on one page at a time. Befor this site was crapp so I took it down and redid it so I think so far it looks hot . -- Strider

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December17,2000 Hello today I got to use my computer for a 30 mins but in this time I made tech spechs look better and found a great new link Im looking for codes as I write, codes worth being here
December18,200 today I got some time on the site so Im going to post some more stuff on. I was playing The legend of Zelda but I forgot some stuff. Here is a tip, if you type in ZELDA as a name you will get a new journey (harder) its kinda cool.
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December23,2000 - "What day is it lad", well I'll tell you its the best day in 365 days,its christmass eve!!!!! I can go on with the storys of Christmass eve... but I will not. Tonite its late at night so I felt like writeing so im adding the section of codes I was promiseing.
December27,2000 Hello. I was sick on christmass so I didn't doing anything so I'm going to make up for that today. The doors will be legaly open soon so alot of people should come,I hope. I took a brake to play Finaly Fantsy 9,  cause it's said to be like the first game in series. Im 26 hours in the game on third cd. Its the only good playstation game out there, Im still loyal to the Nintendo though.
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