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Nerwen's Glade
Greetings! Welcome to my personal little bit of the web, someplace where I can be a bit creative. Nerwen, of course, is not my real name, but the handle I used on the Force of Hobbit message board on E! Online. It comes from The Unfinished Tales, is the "mother name" of Galadriel and means "man-maiden", referring to her height and athletic prowess. I chose it because I wanted something no-one had used yet, but still had a Tolkien feel and was an actual female name. "Wen" is a common feminine ending for names in Elvish as in Arwen, Morwen. And also because I happen to be very tall myself & was fairly athletic when I was younger. I hope to just have some fun with this site, as well as providing some Tolkien links. Enjoy! A pic of me
Dedicated to the works of JRR Tolkien
and the gang at the Force of Hobbit Message board!


Wizard Force of Hobbit Gang
My renderings of our alter-egos.

Palantir Links
Some of the links I've gathered.

Castle Writings
A few of my musings and creative efforts. New! Tolkien costumes!


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