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Daves right-brain stuff
Yesterday - The Beatles
Theme and Variation - ORIGINAL!
Here, there, everywhere - The Beatles
Irish Wheat Reel - ORIGINAL!
Reindeer Pause - ORIGINAL!
Dads Tune  - ORIGINAL!
Cow on the run - ORIGINAL
Jesus, I praise you  - ORIGINAL!
Without buying more page space, I've had to sacrifice quantity for quality on this site.
These MP3's are just too big. I'll change these out occasionally, and you can help.
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Paths End - One of my Paintings
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My Artwork!
Art and Original Music are to be found here.
The song playing is called "Dads Tune", written for my dad shortly after he passed away.
There are
more original tunes and rip-offs on the next page. Hope you enjoy!
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