Have come to Nick's other page. Started 29 June 2001.
This is a new page. Most of my stuff, for the time being, will be HERE, FWIW.

Below, coupla photos from Rook Nelson's 21st birthday party at Skydive Chicago. If anyone knows who these brave souls are, drop me a line and let me know. I was on a five minute call for the sunset load, so my Kevin shot these hangar swoops.
hangar swoop 1 (~50k) hangar swoop 2 (~50k)

Nick and catfish. (~60k)Friday, 6 June 2001. Pond at Skydive Chicago. My packer friend Beau and I were on the way to a bonfire, and I told her I'd catch up, figuring I'd wet a line and maybe catch something while we were bullshitting at the fire. The line hit the water and the bobber instantly went under. Bait was a rancid old chunk of hot dog. This looks like a pregnant female. Maybe 6 lbs? Quite possibly the one I caught two weekends in a row, I shit you not, last July (I had to leave the hook in it the first time, and it was still there the second time I caught it). Some fish just never learn. I gotta remember to bring my tagging gear along.

If I look wiped out there, it's cuz I wuz! This was after an appx. five-hour canoe trip with Beau, with a headwind and way too much sun. I suffered in muscles I'd forgotten existed. Next day was worse; thought I'd have to see a doctor or even hospital cuz of the heat. It sucked but ice and fluid kinda brought me back. Still, I'd recommend the trip to everyone in less severe conditions. Awesome.

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