The Nervous Fellas

They recorded three CD's .
"Drunk", "The wolfcall" and "nervous breakdown" .They did
those recordings at
the former Waterfront/via-ritmo studios. There are intentions for
making a brand new CD soon.

Check back regularly for details.
Four songs on streaming
audio without long downloads!!!
There's a link on the mp3 and info page.

The CD "nervous breakdown" is
still for sale at gigs.
A good thing to see
the 'fellas' when they are around.

.All those recordings are done by
Chris Krebs ,he knows the blues should sound.
He produced together with the
nervous fellas the CD's "Nervous breakdown"
The CD "Nervous Breakdown" is recorded
recorded on 26 tracks at
"the Waterfront office" Rotterdam jan 2002.
Whe would like to thank
Chris V. for his good job and
beeing a fifth member for a short while.

The recordings on the banner is
"snakes"(J.Harman),a track
from the "drunk" cd.

I.M. may 1985/jan.2004.
Bassplayer's cat sneak

Bassplayer's cat sneak
The cat on the CD "drunk". Das Event-Film-Künstler Portal
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