“Nervegasmic” is how John Cabalum describes his brand of mixed genre electronic music hence his monicker NERVEGASM. Born in 1976, John counts in AC/DC, Alice Cooper and Devo as his earliest music influences. His eventual foray into the world of electronic music was due in part to the musical landscape that characterized the early 80's- 90’s. Specifically, the musical influences of New Order,Joy Division, AphexTwin and DJs such as 4hero, fabio, grooverider,Goldie and Photek. In 1998, John released his first E.P. “Hellfire” which he released on his very own Nervegasm and SVWSP (Scratch Vinyls with Sand Papers) label which was soon followed a few months later with “Yerba del Diablo.” Both tracks used to be available on the now defunct music website mp3manila.com. Specifically, “Hellfire” and “Dosed” gained 400 downloads.In May 2003, John released his debut album “The Down Sessions” which is his most adventurous and accessible sonic collection to date. Musically, it is a sizable shift from his previous E.P.s. The album focuses more on his orchestral leanings further inspired by the use of string sections. The album reveals a more melodic and freestyling side although it still retains its innovative and cutting edge beats. The “Down Sessions” contains a myriad of rhythms styles and features that use atmospheric effects to a great degree. The album preceeded the single “Alone and Endless,” an infectiously melodic and haunting sampled track with dark ambient strings underpinned by down tempo rhythm, displaying the versatile nature of John’s output and also a willingness to side-step temporary fashionable dance sub-genres such as breakbeat and all the rest.

1993- - joined (CPU)rock band "Nemesis"
1993-94 - joined (CPU & UP)Punk band "Unrest"
1994-98 - (CPU/UP)grunge/industrial/electronic/punk/band ROOM 109
1996-99 - Dj and announcer with shane / dj ian.. ++ at NU107's CYBERADIO. 1997 - 99 - Concieving the nervegasm project and SID'z
1998 - release first single.
1999 - release 5 track e.p.
1999 - anther 5 track ep.
2000 - the hotbox group being concieved
2001 - 2003 - hotbox rp sampler released. 2003 - 2004 - the down sessions and film maker ep. released.
2005 - 2006 - singles 2006- revoltuion ep move to 2007 release. 2007 - revolution ep will be out in a few more months.
2007 - camo coma ep. on the workz .. (D&B and Deep hOuse CD)

nervegasm reviews:

Excellent work, well constructed with a real funky edge. You have remarkable talent-are you signed? if not then your sh*t hot property! Chris Curry
Wow! thats some fat shit! cool funky flow! Nice minamilstic sounds on the drums. visit user website Side Effect
Hey, I just listened to your stuff. I liked what I heard, some good electronic instrumental pieces there. I especially liked The Streets Parts 1 and 2... Gruesome Greg Harris, Host of Antipop Radio Gruesome Greg Harris May 10th, 2004
Niceeeeeeeeee Groove Bro! Im really curious what it would sound like with Vocals :O) I like the the way the track doesnt rest, and keeps climbing :O) visit user website Rikki Gann
I love the instruments you used into Arround Surround, can hear the country in which are you living and I wish I could see the sunset in real time Ic-musicmedia. Com/gemini
Reviews @ BEATMAKA.com (Heaven For Climate) 4 STARS FLAVA'.....This track had lots of Flava'....You want something new and different...this is it. Lots and I mean lots of character in this track [and yes, Flava’]. There were two small speed bumps…1. In the bass towards the end of the track and 2. The man's voice and women singing at the end didn’t jazz me as it sort of brought me down from an emotional high from what the rest of the track was about.....but other than that everything was SWEET as a cherry pie….Nice ambient vocals and ever changing beat really gets the mix together for some serious Jammin’…But what really got to me was the variety of the track…kept me on my toes not knowing what was coming next…The kids at the end reminded me of the streets here in NYC during the summer…which made me feel right at home. Nice Freshman intro…Welcome to Beatmaka.com!!! Bottom line: Flava, character and lots of variety = download [Even though we had two speed bumps]__ **** 4 stars out of 5 **** [could have been 5, but speed bumps slowed us down to a 4]__ AG --alguerrero 4 STARS This one is great! Guitarflavored triphop. I would rate if 5 but there is a serious flaw I want to point out: While playing the bass seems to be at few points 'out of control' for example around 0:45 and then at the end of the turntable session at 2:26. This should be fixable.--tonik Beatmaka Does Middle Asia Nice production with a lot of interesting samples, a good structure and a well sounding mixdown. On sample remembers me a bit of Deep Dish's "Flashdance". - beatmaka - admin --Beatmaka.com PetrolMusic.Net Does nervegasm. Excellently contructed blend of acoustic elements, minimal breakbeats and trippy samples. lots of variation on the main theme of the song, takes you in many directions although at times some of the vocal snippets get a little irritating. Toning these down would improve. Percussive parts stand out very well, taking in an almost south-american samba feel at times. Overall, a pretty outstanding song with lots to take in. Original in style with some nice ideas. Technical Skill: 3.5 Creativity: 4 Originality: 4 Viability: 3.5 Quality: 4 19/25 Long way home!! Another great track......You just keep churning em out dont ya!! You've got some great production tecniques.....Keep it up!!....I'm surprised you have'nt been snapped up!!... Keep it up M8 ! Rob B "Aquarian Age- mountain of fools"...sensationel remix...energyzed...powerful...this comes when the Philippines meets austria..ha haha...i drop my cap...well done !! Dj Spaceace@ Interconnected "Cold and busted" is a very good tune with great production, original as well and that is always a plus! BillCompeau Awesome electronic music I have heard in years, so original and hard to describe because this is so unique. All experimental and interesting combination of different genres. Kimmo Digital Beat Spans the spectrum from beguiling guitar mosaic to the darker edges of electrobeat on through to smooth ambience so that you catch yourself coming around again. MichaelChocholak I think nervegasms tunes are addicting .. i play him often on my radio show .. heaven is mesmerizing ... great breaks, tempo and just overall vibe ... Lucky Fokker heaven and climate... could listen to this for hours... very entranceing. very excellent writing nerve. i will be following your progress on IC and cant wait to hear many more! RedstarRising The sonic tension of 'Drive (the street) is impressive. It's highly melodic yet even more interesting in it's textures. BristolMeyers***
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