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"Firefly" was an awesome tv show from Joss Whedon that was on Fox network, so of course it got cancelled after only 11 eps were aired. I watched and loved it when it was on the air, but did not get truely obsessed until I bought the DVD's. Now I am writting fanfic's for it and making wallpapers and such, so this page is to archive my "Firefly" stuff on. Pretty basic, like most of my site, but I do plan on making it a bit more "special" as I get more stuff to add.

The image on my splash page, which I also used here on the index page, was made by Cassie E. Thanks Sweetie!! ~HUGS~


Links to my Firefly FanFics


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My first Fanfic, not published anywhere else on the 'Net. It is a Jayne/River story.

Well, I done it, this story is now posted on in addition to here. It is an exclusive for that site, dedicated to jebbypal who's kind comments convinced me it was good enough as it is.

Ballad Of Jayne

My second one, can also be found on, and the Firefly Glow Archive. Another Jayne/River story.

The Tattoo

My, you guessed it, third story. Again it can be found at, and the Firefly Glow Archive. This one is a Kaylee/Jayne story though. Had to do something a bit differant.

Delta Rain

Fourth story, dead ahead. As always, it can be found in the usual places. Yet another River and Jayne story, yes, this is an obsession. This one is 15 chapters, or scenes if you will, long...posted in three sections. Just follow the yellow brick road...oh wait, I mean follow the links at the end of each page.

Delta Rain - Torrents the title would indicate this is the sequel to Delta Rain. Will be posting soon. For now you can read what is done so far on

Ballet And Bullets

Another WIP...this is an AU, what if River had never gone to the Acadamy and had studied dance instead. Will be archived here when it is finished. For now you can read what is done so far on

Tarnished Gift

Another WIP AU, this one, well, will post more on this after I finish chapter 2...LOL. Will be archived here when it is finished. For now you can read what is done so far on

Jaynegang Challenges

These are challenges written for the yahoo group, the Jaynegang. Will be archived here eventually. For now you can read the ones I have done so far on

Author's Notes on FanFics

I plan on putting my thoughts on all my fanfics here. I love hearing what the author had in mind when they were writting, but I don't usually want to know that till after I have read and absorbed the story for myself. So the notes get their own page.

Links to my Firefly Wallpapers

Wallpapers...some good, some...not so much...LOL

Please do take a look at the credits on the bottom of the wallpaper page, I could not have made them without the graphics, insperation and tips I recieved from those listed. Extra special thanks to Billie Dawn of Geministar, Nys of KaosBleeds and Cassie E.


If you wish to comment on any of these stories or wallpapers email me at [email protected]



Links to Firefly and FanFic Sites


Firefly FanFic Awards Board

A message board dedicated to the Firefly Fanfic Awards, or whatever we end up naming the damn things...hehehe

Two by Two: Cassandra E's 'Verse of Firefly

My wonderful Beta's personal Firefly page, has links to her stories on and a page for her awesome wallpapers!

My fav Firefly site. All round Jossie goodness. Great stories, great message board, great resourse info...if they don't have it they can usually direct you to who does.

Firefly's Glow Archive

A wonderful Firefly fanfic site. Probably the most complete and diverse one I have seen so far. If you find slash or NC-17 stories offensive then you should use caution here though. They are clearly marked however, so if you stumble into one then it is your own fault...LOL

An awesome fanfic site, good for just about anything your heart craves to sure to check out all the other types of FanFic they have here too. The Buffy and LOTR sections are amazing!

Great Summer Glau fansite, check this site out often as he is always adding new stuff.


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